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Party poopers – 1st January 2012

Bottom team Blackburn spoil Ferguson’s 70th birthday bash

Yup, it was definitely a birthday that Sir Alex will want to forget!

The multi-millionaires of The Theatre of Dreams were given a nightmare by the second from bottom Blackburn!

What a bunch of wankers!!

Down 1-0 by the 16th minutes, and 2-0 by the 51st minutes!

And after the gallant effort by Berbatov with two goals in the 52nd and 62nd minutes, MU had to let Blackburn score the third goal in the 80th minute! What happened to the “fight to the last second” spirit? Where’s the last minute goal that MU is so famous for? Sure, Rooney was not even on the bench, but Hernandez was there and so was Welbeck. No wonder Sir Alex wants Berbatov to renew his contract for at least another year. The man has shown that he still has plenty to teach the young kids! And they certainly have a lot to learn still!

And as for the defence, the defensive errors were amateurish! What is happening to the Fabio twins? Well, Fabio didn’t play, but Rafael was simply not a midfielder. He was just running around like a headless chicken!

It is really painful watching them play. And what happened to the plan to give Sir Alex a wonderful birthday present of being at the top of the league on New Year’s eve?

If they continue performing like this, they certainly don’t deserve to win the league!

That’s not the game of champions!

In the meantime, Senhor Andre Villas-Boas has warned his predecessor Senore Carlo Ancelotti (who has just moved to Paris St Germain which is now owned by the Qatari Sheiks) not to waste his time with a new year raid on Chelsea. Raid what?? A bunch of has beens? Or Torres, the over-rated striker? Come on!!!

Sure, the Qatari Sheikhs will be pouring all their oil money into PSG. But the fact that the Sheikhs bought PSG just say something about their lack of knowledge about French football! Anyone has seen the French League game recently! Who goes to France to buy a football club? Nobody!!!

You go to Paris to see the Eifel Tower, the Mona Lisa and Montmarte, not to watch a football match! All the best French players are either playing in England, Italy or Spain!

At Arsenal, it looks like Thierry Henry is finally going to make a return, albeit a temporary one. He’s such a gem to watch, and hopefully Arsenal will make full use of him, and he will show the skills that have been missing in the EPL.

Rooney the Goony

Man City 2 Man Untd 3 (FA Cup, 8th January 2012)

I could not have been more thrilled when I finally decided to switch channel after the game has already gone for almost 30 minutes to see MU up 2-0.

Of course I would have preferred to have watched the game from the beginning, but after the many recent disappointments, I decided not to put myself in agony again! And what a surprise!

MU 2-0 at the Etihad Stadium against the noisy neighbours!

Of course I missed the two wonderful goals by Rooney and Welbeck, and the controversial sending-off of Man City’s captain Kompany. But I wasn’t going to complain.

And I was rather surprised to see the fluidity of the MU play, compared to the last two games, and Man City by contrast was a pale shadow of themselves. Sure, by then they were down to 10 men, but Man City’s attacking play has been truly awesome this season.

As much as I don’t like Man City, I have watched a few of their games, and I must say that these guys really know how to attack. It reminded me of the days of Arsenal with Thierry Henry! Fast, one-touch passing.

Instead, MU was the one making all the fast moves. And Rooney was great, and so was Valencia.

Of course, Man City is now blaming Rooney for the sending-off of Kompany, and I have to agree with them. Even Nani who was the one being tackled by Kompany did not make a fuss about it, and we all know about the acting capability of Nani (not far off from Ronaldo!).

The second-half, though became more exciting for the Man City fans, was a letdown. MU once again showed how bad their defence has been this season. And the surprised introduction of Paul Scholes did not really help. Instead he made the mistake that led to Man City’s goal!

And Rooney of course is still creating a lot of buzz with the media with all sorts of theory about him wanting to leave. Now, instead of saying that the relationship is breaking down between him and Sir Alex, the media is saying that it is the Glazer family that Rooney is going against!

Greedy Welbeck – 20th January 2012

It looks like another greedy young man is trying to hold MU to ransom!

When will they ever learn?

“Manchester United have been angered by Danny Welbeck’s wage demands, so talks over a long-term contract are now in deadlock.

United are keen to reward the England striker, who earns £15,000 per week, with a new deal. Sportsmail exclusively revealed last year how Welbeck had begun negotiating with the club over a treble-your-money contract worth £45,000-£50,000 a week.

But the player and his advisers are now asking for £60,000 a week, which has left United officials astonished.”

No doubt the boy is talented, but still has not performed enough to make such demands. Who does he think he is?

For the current season, he has scored 5 goals from 12 Premier League games. Even Hernandez has scored more, with 6, and was the top scorer in his first season. And you don’t hear Hernandez making demands. Even Berbatov who only made 4 appearances in the Premier League has scored 6! Some of these young players just don’t know how lucky they are. And this is not the first time Welbeck is giving his team problems with his demands!

“Sunderland nearly pulled the plug on their deal to take Welbeck on loan at the start of last season, due to his  camp’s negotiating tactics.

In addition to his £15,000-per-week salary, Welbeck also asked for a number of separate bonuses to be paid, which left Sunderland officials furious.”

This is the problem when agents take control the lives of football players. We have seen it with Tevez, who is clearly under the control of his agent!

It will not be surprising that Sir Alex will decide to sell him at the end of the season!

In the meantime, Arsenal is waiting to exact revenge on MU after the 8-2 mauling in the early part of the season at Old Trafford. And now with Monsieur Henry back temporarily, it will be tough for MU to keep the man quiet. And with MU’s defence is shamble this season, it will be a tough game.

Late Balotelli penalty earns dramatic win – 22nd January 2012

Very, very lucky!

Totenham deserves a draw from this game, if not for “El Loco” Balotelli, with the help of the referee, Howard Webb, scoring the last minute penalty.

The penalty decision was definitely correct, but Balotelli should have been sent off earlier when he stamped on Scott Parker in the 84th minute. Everybody saw it, except the referee!

And Balotelli had the cheek to wear a T-shirt with “Why Me?” in October!

The man is no doubt talented, but like a lot of talents in football, quite mad as well!!

Even his manager, Senor Mancini is quite flabbergasted with him, at times!

The first half, which ended 0-0, was really a boring game. Both sides were very cautious, and it must have taken some bashing by both managers, Henry Redknapp and Senor Mancini to get the teams to get their acts together in the second half.

 “It’s not the first time he has done that is it? And I’m sure it won’t be the last," Spurs manager Harry Redknapp said when asked about Balotelli's image as a loveable eccentric.

He was annoyed he didn’t win the challenge and now Scott has a nasty cut on his face.

I don’t like people kicking people in the head on the football pitch. What reason did he have to back-heel Scott in the head? It’s not a nice thing to do. It’s wrong.” –

If both teams had drawn the match, Man City would only be 1 point above MU, who expectedly beat Arsenal, 2-1. That would have made the race more exciting!

Unfortunately this season has seen many matches with controversial decisions. It is a real shame that matches are being determined by the incompetence of referees than the teams.

It’s time that FIFA brings the “fourth referee” and instant replays. 

You can rot, Tevez - 26th January 2012

Yes, Senor Carlos Tevez, you can rot!!!

The man has clearly shown that despite the abundance of football skills, he lacks the brain to think about his footballing career!

So far, he has lost £9 million in fines and lost earnings and bonuses. And his agent and advisor, Kia Joorabchian, still thinks that he can salvage Tevez career. Paris St Germain is the latest club that has failed to agree to a deal to sign Tevez, and there is no way the Arab Sheikh is going to let Tevez go cheaply.

And it looks like no club is willing to take the risk of paying Tevez £200,000 a week, when everyone knows that Tevez is not worth anywhere near that!

Tevez has been linked with a move to AC Milan, but there is no way that Man City is letting him go for the reported £20 million transfer fee.

Tevez still has two and a half season remaining of his contract with Man City, and if he is not sold soon, he will definitely rot in the cold, damp, Manchester!

It looks like Senor Roberto Mancini (the manager of Man City) is right after all, when he said four months ago that “Tevez is finished”!

In the meantime, another crazy Man City player, Senor Mario Balotelli, feels that he is being persecuted. His agent thinks that El Loco could quit England if what he sees as unfair treatment continues.

Unfair treatment???

How has he been treated unfairly? He even almost got away with stomping on his opposing team member’s head, Scot Parker, in the last game against Tottenham Hotspurs! He didn’t get send off in the game. He was only hauled up by the FA because it was there for everyone to see on TV.

He almost burned his house by setting off fire-crackers in his toilet! He wasn’t prosecuted for arson!!!

He also threw darts at players on the training ground!! Was he banned from the training ground?? No!

Footballers, nowadays, are really a bunch of nutcases!!

Rooney: Watch us go – 7th February 2012

It definitely was a great comeback at Chelsea, after going 3-0 down.

Controversial that it was, MU as usual came back from the dead. The never say die spirit was there for all to see, but will that be enough for MU to win the Premier League this year?

Let’s face it, while MU has always shown that they can come back from the dead, their win of the Premier League last season had as much to do with the poor performances by the other teams. Arsenal had looked extremely promising last season before unraveling towards the end.

Will the same happen this year with Man City?

It certainly does not look that way. Man City is a totally different team, compared to Arsenal of last season. One, Arsenal had a rather inexperienced team, when it comes to winning trophies. Sure the current Man City only has the League Cup to show for. But the team is new.

Two, Man City has a lot more depth. They can even afford to let Tevez rot! This team is very strong. With Silva, who is probably the best playmaker in the Premier League this season, Toure (who is away for the African Cup), Balotelli (when he is not playing with fire-crackers), and a defensive team that is much better than MU, they are a different proposition all together. Yes, they have been bundled out of the League, FA Cup and the European Championship, but the premiership is a different ball game all together.

MU’s defense has been a shamble, without Vidic. Ferdinand is getting slower by the day, and so is Evra. They are no match for the speed of Silva.

The way Man City has been scoring, at will, is just frightening!

Yes, the cup will stay at Manchester, but it may just be at the Blue end of town instead of the Red end.

Suarez The Racist Wanker!!! – 12th February 2012

This is the biggest wanker in English Premier League, a man who claims that the word “negro” is a term of endearment in Uruguay and even though he has been plying his trade in Europe for some time, does not know that such a term is unacceptable!

Why? Because he is a wanker of the highest order! A wanker who is an embarrassment to English football, and to Liverpool!! Liverpool should stop calling itself a great club if it’s equally stupid manager, Kenny Dalglish still thinks that Suarez is innocent!!

His behavior at the start of the Premier League game between MU and Liverpool at Old Trafford showed that deep down he is a piece of shit and a bloody racist!

The same applies to his equally stupid manager if he continues supporting him. Oh, how convenient to claim that he did not see the incidence!

The FA should play the caption over and over again at all future Premier League games, to show what the EPL has become.

And Liverpool clearly showed it and proved it that night! Liverpool Football Club has no business being in the Premier League if they continue behaving like a bunch of schoolyard bullies after being punished, unrepentant bastards!!!

Shame on you Suarez, shame on you Dalglish, shame on you Liverpool FC!!!

Relief for Villas-Boas – 26th February 2012

(Not for long)

In the end, experience still matters!

And Abramovich still won’t admit that you cannot build a team by changing manager every year!

Carlos Ancelotti won the “double” in his first year, and yet got sacked in his second year. And let’s not talk about Jose Maurinho. The “special one” is what made Chelsea FC the force that it is now. Yes, he too won in his first season. In the end the failure to win the European Championship cost him his job. How long did it take Sir Alex Ferguson to bring the European Cup to Old Trafford? Years!!!

As written by Ian Holloway, if Abramovich was the owner of MU in the 80’s, Sir Alex would not have been knighted and MU would not have broken Liverpool’s record 18 English Championship. “It takes stability to bring success”, and Chelsea has never been stable ever since Maurinho left!

Six managers in 8 years! Sir Alex has been at MU for 26 years and has won 27 major titles!

A lot was expected from Villas-Boas, and I thought this is one young manager that may change my perception of young managers. Sadly, it has been proven once again that experience still counts and experience is what makes the difference between a good manager and a lousy manager.

Managing people, whether in a business corporation or a football team, is the same. It is about getting the best out of your people, and to do that you need time. Time to understand your people, time to build the relationship. It is that relationship that will determine whether the people under you will respect you as a manager, and will perform their best for you.

In the meantime, Liverpool fans are hoping that a win at Wembley tonight at the Carling Cup final will lead to a treble. Have they been smoking hashish??

In the first place, there is a 21 points gap between Liverpool and the league leader, Manchester City. Second, there are only 13 games left in the Premier League. To just draw level with Manchester City, Liverpool will need to win all 13 remaining games and Manchester City to lose 7 of the remaining 13 games! On top of that Manchester City has a 39 goals advantage!!!

Stop dreaming!!!




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