The Hole-in-One Glory

Well, folks, after 16 years of playing golf, I have finally got my first hole in one.

The feat was achieved on 3rd December 2006, at my home club, Kuala Lumpur Golf & Country Club, witnessed by my esteemed fellow golfers, Mr Chan Guan Seng, Mr Jock Chua and Mr Benny Ng, and a bunch of Japanese at the next tee box. At the 7th hole of the East Course, with a 48 degrees pitching wedge and at 138 metres, all I wanted to was get close enough to the pin. I lofted the ball, and it landed about a foot from the pin and rolled straight in. I was admiring my shot that I even forgot to “double” on the baccarat, and as I was not even a banker, it was merely to reduce my losses for the day.

As I rang the bell at the East Lounge, and the applause that followed, I was glad that there were not that many golfers at the lounge. That’s the good thing about taking the first few flights on Sundays, as my bill on came to about RM300, which was easily covered by the RM1,000 insurance payout that I later received from the club. I was expecting RM2,000, but apparently we poor members of the club only get RM1,000, but if a guess player gets a hole in one, he will get RM2,000. Go figure that out.

When I later received my certificate from the club, not only did they get my name wrong, they also got the hole and the club wrong. Another reason why the club is in such a poor state. If you are running the club and do not even know which holes are par 3s, what else can you say? I had returned the certificate to them for correction, and 5 months down the road, I have yet to see to it. Yet, the Golf Magazine Malaysia has given me a certificate, which of course reflects the mistakes that have been made by the club. And with my excellent forgery skills, I decided to correct the mistake on the Golf Magazine certificate, though my father’s name is still Hole-in-one-scanuncorrected.

So here it is:

























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