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natura creavit eos, et illis consummata est

Nature created them, we perfected them

There are many things that nature and thus God created, but its takes us human to perfect them.

And in most instances, humans failed in perfecting what God created. Because as humans, we are imperfect, and we make mistakes time and time again. How do you expect an imperfect being to create perfection?

Why I chose the above phrase? Because it is also the tagline at the distressed listed company that I am now running. A company where everything that can go wrong has gone wrong. And here I am, persuaded by my business partner to rescue, while being the lowest paid CEO in all publicly listed companies in Malaysia, if not the world. Not that I am complaining, as I did not come here for money. I came to help the two substantial shareholders who have been cheated into buying substantial stakes in the company for ridiculous high price!

So, how do we live in a world full of imperfection? And how do we live in a country full of imperfections? Accept and tolerate. Though we try and try to have a better world and country, utopia is just an illusion. Most times, we don’t really have a choice. Sometimes it is better to accept and tolerate imperfections than to destroy everything trying to achieve perfection.

Our country is full of imperfections. But here we are after more than 60 years of independence, still a free country relatively, no wars, no major disasters, and yet if one is to look from the outside, this country is seen as a complete disaster. Many in the countries think so too, despite the fact these people are still enjoying the riches of the country.

In today’s globalized world, no country can survive on its own. Not even the great and mighty United States of America. Trump’s “America First” policy is already seen the country more and more isolated from the world. In less than two years since his triumph over Hillary Clinton, there are more gun violents. More and more people are leaving his administration. As I have said before, business and politics are two completely different worlds. Though in Malaysia, we have seen how politics and business seem to feed on each other, sucking each other’s blood, thus creating an environment of toxicity that has created a society full of greed.

We used to call Singaporean “kiasu”. But, actually Malaysians have become much more “kiasu” Than anyone else in the world. Believe it or not, “kiasu” is in Wikipedia, “The term can be translated into English as "afraid to lose out" from 'kia' "afraid" and 'su' "lose". Like many proverbial expressions it can have both positive and negative connotations, but is generally negative, used to refer to someone who thinks of themselves first and is always trying to get ahead in one way or another.”

It is not only in business, in schools, but in society in general. Now, our children have been classified as bullies. The Star, on 18th March 2018 declared, “Our teens are bullies”. According to the article, a study, held in collaboration with CyberSecurity Malaysia and the National Council of Women’s Organisations Malaysia, that 53.5% of the teens have moderate to high tendencies of being a cyberbully, rather than a victim.

“Such cyberbullying includes targeting a person or group by calling them inappropriate names.

Some 36% were also likely to have aggressive online behaviour such as using foul language over social media.


On the flip side, about 25% had the experience of being moderate to severely victimised online by bullies.”

Shocking? Is bullying a “kiasubehaviour? To me it is? Just drive on Malaysian roads. You will see the most innocent looking drivers, refusing to give way, stopping at yellow boxes at junctions, double parking! “Kiasu” is no longer a behaviour in Malaysia, it is a habit! A Malaysian habit!

Selfishness is not living as one wishes to live, it is asking others to live as one wishes to live. 

- Oscar Wilde

Selfishness must always be forgiven you know, because there is no hope of a cure.

- Jane Austen

We have observed that, in society and the world in which we live, selfishness has increased more than love for others, and that men of good will must work, each with his own strengths and expertise, to ensure that love for others increases until it is equal and possibly exceeds love for oneself.

- Pope Francis

So, who is to blame for the thuggish behaviour of the bullies? I can already hear, “the BN government!”. Unfortunately, it is the parents, though I can bet my last dollar that 90% of parents will never accept the fact that their children may be bullies, especially Malaysian parents.

Let’s face it, Malaysians are not good at admitting faults or weaknesses. Just look at some of our politicians. The amount of shit that comes out of their mouths. Do we ever hear an apology? Very, very, very rarely. Only one did recently, a Chief Minister of a state south of KL, for asking people to attack businesses that criticise the BN government. How sad, a once respectable corporate figure who turn to politics, probably thinking that he will be more respected. Trumpism???

Here’s some Trumpism for you.

"I think if this country gets any kinder or gentler, it's literally going to cease to exist."

Playboy, March 1990 (I don’t read them, I swear!)

"I will be phenomenal to the women. I mean, I want to help women."

Face the Nation, 9/8/15

(Yes, he helps them by groping them, having sex with them and giving them their 15 minutes of fame!)

"It's really cold outside, they are calling it a major freeze, weeks ahead of normal. Man, we could use a big fat dose of global warming!"

Twitter, 19/10/15

"Our country is in serious trouble. We don't have victories any more. We used to have victories but [now] we don't have them. When was the last time anybody saw us beating, let's say, China, in a trade deal? They kill us. I beat China all the time. All the time."

Campaign launch rally, 15/6/15

"The concept of global warming was created by and for the Chinese in order to make U.S. manufacturing non-competitive."

Twitter, 6/10/12

Yes, global warming was created by the Chinese, and now with the Malaysian government courting more and more Chinese investments, Malaysia will be having serious global warming issue soon. Why do you think the temperature this week is as high at 39.7 degrees Celsius. It’s the Chinese!!!

Man, and I am playing golf at 12 noon tomorrow!!! My face will look like fried Sri Lankan crab tomorrow afternoon!

I am not touching much politics today, as I am thoroughly sick with politics! I mean Malaysian politics.

Will I finally vote in the upcoming election? A big NO!!! Because both sides are just as useless!!! Enough said!

Let’s talk about business etiquette instead. I have been very active lately sending tons of complaints to authorities on the shenanigans of some of the people that I deal with in business. Normally I would send my complaints to the top guys via e-mail. They know me, due to my long stint in the capital market. They do investigate, I know that for sure. But I notice, not a single e-mail ever even gets an acknowledgement. Actually, only one person ever acknowledged my e-mails, the nice lady who is the CEO of the Companies Commission of Malaysia (SSM). And she’s the only one who doesn’t know me! So, to Dato’ Zahrah Fenner, we need more people like you in either the government or the corporate world. And one more ex-colleague who is now the top gun in a watchdog group, who had the decency to respond to me personally. Thanks Deva! And, to those who are now top guys/ladies in those big authorities, don’t forget your roots! Some of you were just lowly executives when I was in the top management. Be humble!!!

I never fail to respond to my e-mails. Even if just to say thank you. I even respond to those scams, just to make fun of them! I once took a scammer to a long journey of e-mails until he realized that I had known his intention right from the beginning! I do enjoy torturing people sometimes.

I know, despite us being in the 21st century, and with all the advancement in technology, life is a lot different. Technology has made our lives a lot easier, though it can sometimes lead to complications, like when you send an e-mail to the wrong person, because of the similarity in names. Check the e-mail address (I am reminding myself)! Phew, luckily there was no pornographic attachment in there!

So, after failing to meet my promise of trying to write every month, I hereby apologise to the people who do enjoy reading my madcap ramblings. I know many cringes whenever they see my e-mails. It’s ok. And the best part is, you don’t have to response. Just read and send it to the bin!

The Unquiet One


Ab uno disce omnes

(As at 17th December 2017)

Latrunculorum, similis est bellum, et consilium ex tempore, et quia opus ei ed conciliandos

Chess is like war, strategy and time are both needed to win

I have been very quiet for a bit, as work has really taken its toll on me. Building your own business is not easy. But there is also something going on with me that has prevented me from writing too much. Suffice to say that it has something to do with the Malaysian legal system, thus the above phrase.

But, hey, as those who know me well, I am a stubborn Capricorn. Coupled that with being born in the year of the dragon, what you get is the personality of a stubborn goat and a fiery dragon. Bad combination!!! An example, combine Tiger Woods (Capricorn) with Bruce Lee (Dragon)! Bad news!!!

Anyway, I am not going to bore anyone with my legal issues, as nobody gives a shit anyway.

I have taken the task of trying to save another listed company that has been raped and plundered by some unscrupulous shareholders in the past. The current shareholders are unfortunately very naïve people who have been conned into investing in the company without having any clue about the world of publicly listed companies. It’s a real shame hearing how very nice and decent people get cheated. But as you all know, that practically happens every day in this country. Corporate shenanigans are becoming very common. Corporate cheats are becoming embolden by the lack of actions taken against them. The days of young Malays dreaming of becoming Mat Rempits, young Chinese dreaming of becoming DVD sellers, and young Indians dreaming of becoming gangsters like in Bollywood movies are gone. Now they all want to become shareholders of PLCs and cheat the other investors! As one of my partners in my company, a former CEO of a stock exchange, said, “now, we no longer need to spot the crooks in the corporate world, we need to spot the honest ones!”.

So, it looks like another war front for me there too. But I love corporate wars. They are more fun, and sometimes, you can make a bit of money as well.

I have been involved in the Boards of PLCs for more than 5 years now. While the Boards that I sit on are reasonably professional and ethical and knowledgeable, I have met so many Board members of PLCs who have no clues to what they are doing, and some of these people are in the Government Linked Companies (GLCs). Of course, with the GLCs, there is a tendency to reward ex-government servants by appointing them to the Boards. While some are good, the majority are just there to supplement their pensions. As you all know, I am very much against the practice. I normally spot these people at trainings conducted for directors of PLCs. When it comes to question time, I cringe when I hear their questions. You can also see the trainers cringing, but they are paid to train. But if the trainer just happened to be an ex-colleague or a friend, I try to help answering some of these stupid questions.

That’s corporate Malaysia for you. In the US, Boards are generally filled with independent professionals. But yet, you see the meltdowns of such once great companies as Adelphia, Enron, Tyco, and WorldCom, which led to enormous attention being focused on the companies’ boards. Were the directors asleep at the wheel? In cahoots with corrupt management teams? Simply incompetent? It seems inconceivable that business disasters of such magnitude could happen without gross or even criminal negligence on the part of board members. At the time of their meltdowns, for example, Kmart had six current or recent Fortune 500 CEOs on its board, and Warnaco had several prominent financiers, a well-known retail analyst, and a top-tier CEO. All those excellent credentials made little difference. Maybe that’s why Malaysian companies prefer ex-government servants! But to be fair, most of the scandals in corporate Malaysia were not caused by the ex-government servant Board members, it is generally caused by crooked management or crooked substantial shareholders, and many of them with legal backgrounds! How do you shut people up? Just say “I will sue you!! I know the law!!!” Those poor minority shareholders and the other poor directors will just keep quiet. Another good corporate lesson for you.

On the local political front, do I even need to entertain you with tales of bravados of our politicians? Well, I do think I tell them better than the newspapers. After all, newspapers are not supposed to have too many cartoons and jokes in them. They are supposed to be filled with adverts on the many sales in town, and a little bit of sports, and a little bit of business, and a little bit of government propaganda. And we get a Malaysian newspaper, a very respectable one, almost on par with the Guardians in the UK, or the New York Times in the US. Way better than the Sun, in the UK! And there’s no page 3 girls, OK. We are a Muslim majority country. You want to see sexy women, go to KLCC!! Why do you think the members of the Talibans of Malaysia (TOMs) like to hang around there? Hey, they need entertainment too! Do you think it is easy policing the morality of Malaysians??? They need to chill out too!! Where are they going to get a good view of women’s flesh other than KLCC? Most of their wives are in burqas! And I bet they only have sex in the dark! They have to follow the examples of the Prophet (PBUH). Remember there’s no electricity in the 14th century.

The senior senile head of the opposition has been creating a lot of attention recently with his “Bugis” remark that even the royals are getting hot and bothered. I am a Bugis too, but I must admit that I quite being compared to pirates. I think I look good with an eye patch. But this is Malaysia, we are sensitive people! What if the PM calls the Mamaks dirty? We all know what some Mamak restaurants can get up too. Leftover curries, anyone?

As they say, “loose lips sink ships”. Except in this case, loose lips will burn the country. Can I claim that phrase as mine, to whoever is in charge of patenting phrases?

So here we are trying to change the government by hoping on a senile politician to lead us. What is he trying to change? Kleptocrats! Wasn’t he one before? Ah, as he once said, “Melayu mudah lupa” or “Malays tend to forget”. Oops, he is not Malay, he’s a Mamak. I can see now all my Mamak friends filing defamation suits against me soon!!!

Now you know why newspaper don’t like to write too much about politicians in Malaysia. There’s only so much cartoons and jokes that readers can take. We want sale adverts, not cartoon and jokes!!!

I think it is best now that I steer away from politics, before another defamation suit is filed against me. I am going to sports now, to bore those of you who hate sport. Unfortunately, it will be about foreign sports, as there’s not much to talk about Malaysian sports. The only thing I know about Malaysian sports is that there was once a nice girl from Penang, with an English name, that is probably the greatest female squash player ever in the world!! Wah, Malaysian??? I hear someone saying. “Got meh???” And that another Chinese chap from Penang that became number one in the world in badminton. And both were awarded the Datuk title. Well, everyone is a Datuk in Malaysia!!! At my golf club, the staff also call me Datuk. I have no idea why? Maybe because every other member is a Datuk, Tan Sri etc.

Let’s start with the English Premier League, the toughest football league (that’s soccer to my American friends. You got American friends, meh?? I thought you hate Americans!) Why is it the toughest? Well, first there are twenty teams competing, unlike the other countries in Europe. In the Spanish La Liga, only two teams compete, Barcelona and Real Madrid! That’s “riyal” Madrid not “real”, to the philistines. In the German Bundesliga, also only two teams compete, Bayern Munich and some other team. It’s the same in Italy, the Liga Primera. In France, hmmm…is there any teams? Oh yes, Paris St Germain, a team owned by the Qataris. Confused? Still reading, you non-sports fan?

In the English Premier League (EPL), even though it is only half way through the season, it looks like the Championship Trophy is going to be paraded in Manchester in May. Unfortunately, it is not by my beloved Manchester United, which I have supported for more than 45 years! It will be paraded by the “noisy neighbours”, Manchester City! Oh, well, that’s what you get when Manchester United hired the most narcissistic manager in football, Senor Jose Maurinho. He used to call himself, the “Special One”. I have no idea what is so special about him. He is good at “parking the bus” though. No easy feat, considering many Malaysians don’t even know how to park their tiny cars, let alone buses. Manchester City on the other hand hired Senor Pep Guardiola, who took his time in mastering the rigours of the EPL. Though it took him only about a year, to eat humble pies, before showing that his “possession” style football can work in the EPL. No only has he shown them, but dominated them too. It pains me to see my beloved MU humiliated last week. The problem with Senor Maurinho, he does not know what humble pie is. No such thing in Portugal, where he comes from. He is more used to caldo verde (Portuguese sausage) and bacalhau (salted cod). And this is one stubborn man. He is only 6 days short of being a Capricorn.

On the golfing world, my fellow Capricorn, Tiger Woods, is returning to the professional golfing world. His first attempt recently looks rather decent, considering that he has gone through many serious injuries and medical surgeries. Maybe if he stays healthy, and stays away from those women, he can rise again. He was born in the Rabbit year. Maybe the reason why he had so many affairs! Trying to breed like rabbits??? Hmmm, he needs to eat his golf balls!!! I saw him play when he was here many years ago, participating in the World Cup of Golf with his good friend and neighbour, Mark O’Meara. He was simply awesome. I don’t know whether he tried to hook up with any Malaysian beauties. If he did, he may be facing hefty lawsuits in the future! After all, how many stars have been revealed to be sexual predators, from the lecherous Harvey Weinstein to even Kevin Spacey! Though Kevin Spacey was more into male hunks!! Even the president of the USA, the Trump, has been revealed to be one lecherous politicians, in keeping with traditions of politicians! Oops, sorry all politicians!! Damn, another law suit??

The Trump does not give a shit of what people think of him. Now he has recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, angering Muslims worldwide. But as usual, the Muslims will shout and protest, but nothing will come out of it. If you can’t stop the terrorists, what makes you think you can stop the most powerful man in America? You have to understand, every US presidents had actually recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, but none had the balls to say it out loud! You can’t afford to anger your so many Muslim lackeys in the world, like Saudi Arabia. But we are talking about the Trump here, whose most famous phrase is “You are fired!”. He knows very little, or none at all, about the history of Jerusalem. He doubtfully knows that Jesus is also one of the Prophets in Islam. He doubtfully knows that the Al Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem is the third holiest shrine in Islam. He is a businessman, not a politician. He does not know what the phrase “being presidential” means.

I better stop my ramblings for now, before I face any more legal suits.

To my Christian friends, have a very good Yuletide, and to all my friends Have a Great 2018.  


(As at 17th October)

Defensor pacis


Defender of the peace


One of the roles of the 9 Sultans and the King in the country.


And finally, they spoke. And it could not have been timelier, considering how bad the country has become. The Talibans of Malaysia (TOM’s) once again is at centrestage, and this time their spokesman is even employed by JAKIM, Jabatan Kemajuan Islam Malaysia, or Malaysian Islamic Development Department, a department under the Prime Minister’s Department with an annual budget of RM1 billion a year! What do they do with RM1 billion a year???


What have they done about the high divorce rate amongst Muslims? To those who don’t know, Muslims have the highest divorce rate in the country. What have they done about the high drug dependency amongst Muslim youth? And by the way, the Muslim population has the highest drug dependency rate in the country? What have they done about the high unwanted pregnancy amongst unwed Muslim women in the country? Oh, by the way, Muslim women also has the highest rate of unwed pregnancy in the country! What have they done about the fact that more than half of Tahfiz (Islamic religious) schools are deemed unsafe??? What have they done about the radicalization of many Muslims to make them join Islamic State (IS), the terrorist organization???


As Frankie Goes To Hollywood once sang, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!


And for that you get RM1 f*****g billion to spend every year!!!! Eat my golf balls!!!


THEY SHOULD BE DISBANDED FOR WASTING PUBLIC MONEY!!! And for treating us Muslims as idiots, and betraying our amanah (trust).


"Do not look at how much they fast or pray… but look instead at their truthfulness and trustworthiness;"

-           Prophet Mohamad SAW (PBUH)

"Surely Allah commands you to make over trusts to their owners and that when you judge between people you judge with justice; surely Allah admonishes you with what is excellent; surely Allah is Seeing, Hearing,"

-          Al-Quran (04:58)

The strange part is whilst the Council of Rulers had issued a statement about Islamic extremism, not a single word has been uttered by the political powers about the recent brouhaha about the Muslim only launderette.


But come to think of it, what can you expect from politicians?? When the extremist are voters too!!! And more and more Muslims in the country, sadly, are becoming more extreme in their views.


“What is objectionable, what is dangerous about extremists, is not that they are extreme, but that they are intolerant. The evil is not about what they say about their cause, but what they say about their opponents”

-          Robert Kennedy

“I agree that it is not just about the extremists who harbour bad thoughts and engage in bad acts, but they are usually the sources of the polarization and try to keep education and communication of the main stream from moving forward.”

-          Joichi Ito

It is time the political powers take serious action against these extremist, but as usual that is probably wishful thinking on my part.


Islamic radicalization is not something new in Malaysia. It has been going on for at least ten years. It is not that the political powers didn’t want to do anything about it, they just don’t know how to deal with it. So instead, Islam is used to either get votes or to divide the Muslims. Even the senile, and the biggest Machiavellian in the world former Prime Minister himself has used religion to get votes, when he declared that Malaysia is “already an Islamic state” when he was in power. But now of course he touts himself as the saviour of Malaysia!! What a joke!!!


I don’t deny his immense contributions to the country. But he also f****d the country by destroying the judiciary, by denying people their rights, by producing one after another useless successor!


The Muslim as a population is lost. When they don’t know where to turn to, they turn to religion. But unfortunately, those in charge of religion is more interested in their own agendas. It is not about the wellbeing of Muslims, or the wellbeing and unity of the country.


The slow regression of Muslim in the world is also not something new. The slow demise started with the demise of the Ottoman empire. And the Arabic world, who claims to be the chosen ones, have failed to provide the leadership to the Muslim world since the demise of the Ottoman empire. The Arabs think that they are the chosen ones, because 25 Prophets were sent to them. They forgot that perhaps God sent 25 Prophets to them because they are the most barbaric human race on earth!!!


And until today that has not changed!!!

God blessed them with oil, the most valuable commodity in the world. And yet the country that administers the most holy sites in Islam have done nothing to propagate the religion the way that the Prophet Mohamad SAW (PBUH) has taught.


What have Saudi Arabia done to save the Palestinian? Nothing!!! What have they done to save the Rohingyas? Nothing!!! What have they done to help poor Islamic countries? Nothing. Oops, I forgot, they donated USD700 million to a poor Malaysian!!! Damned, how come I didn’t get a single sen? I am a poor Malaysian!!!


So, what is happening in Malaysia is just an extension of what has been happening to Muslims worldwide. Radicalized and intolerant!

What happen to moderation?


"...And we have made you (ummatan wasata) a median community / a people of moderation/ a balanced medium in order that you may be a testimony or model for humanity."

-          Al-Quran, 2:143

But is that what Muslims are seen as around the world? A median community? People of moderation? Testimony or model of humanity?


Do I need to answer that?


Extremists, whether reactionary or radical are a bane to religion. Reactionary extremists do not want any pluralism; they view the world in black and white, good and evil terms. They are good and anyone who opposes them is evil. From among the Muslims these are people who 'excommunicate' any Muslim who fail to share their interpretations of the Quran and their understanding of the faith. They use takfir (denouncing a Muslim as an unbeliever) and character assassination as a tool for marginalizing any criticism directed at them.


Sound familiar? That’s how I would describe the idiot spokesman of JAKIM.


And now people are clamouring for the introduction of the unity bills, one of which is called the National Harmony and Reconciliation Bill. Seriously????


We a need a parliamentary act to govern unity and harmony? Unity and harmony has to come from the heart. You can’t love your neighbour of different race because parliament says so!


To me education is still the key. But then, that’s also wishful thinking. Just look at our education system, one the many things that have polarized the nation!


So, my friends, let’s brace for the storm that will continue in this country, because it is not about to subside soon. We can blame the politicians, the religious teachers and whoever that we want, but at the end of the day it is us who need to change too. Stop focussing on the differences. If we want to find fault with someone, we will always find it.


“GET YOUR OWN STORY... Whenever I speak to Religious preachers from Islam, Hinduism, Christians, Sikhs etc I find their opinion about people of other community negative. They all have stories of atrocities by others. Hindus have stories about Muslim Kings, Sikhs have stories of 1984, Muslims have Babri Mosque, Christians have Nun Rapes... and many more from history... We must understand these God Men are parasites feeding our money by sharing hate and fear. Let’s condemn these people and move on and find better stories about each other. MINE ARE ABOUT FRIENDS...”

-          Talees Rizvi

Happy Diwali to my Hindu friends!

Ab uno disce omnes

The Unquiet One


p/s - To those who are wondering, the German Nazi psychopath that attacked my family while we were feeding stray cats in Hartamas, will be charged soon in court. The police as expected did nothing, and it was left to the Veterinary Department who decided to investigate, and the Deputy Public Prosecutor has instructed that she be charged under the Animal Abuse Act. You can be assured that I will tear her apart when I am called to the witness stand.

(20th September 2017)

Plenus annis abiit, plenus honoribus

He is gone from us, full of years and full of honours.

That’s for my good friend Clifford Tan, who’s passing last week caught me by surprise. Clifford is known as the “leather whisperer”, as one newspaper put it some time back. For the last 10 years or so, Clifford has been in the business of restoring leather goods, in particular shoes, wallets and handbags. We are not talking about the run of the mill leather goods. We are talking about Hermes Birkin, Chanel, Dior, Bally, Tod’s, etc. At the last count, he had restored more than 200 Birkin handbags for the rich and famous of Malaysia.

Despite having no background in such a business, he spent his retired days studying leather, and became an expert, with clients as far away as Switzerland. I first met Clifford at the beginning of his business, during my somewhat hedonistic days of being attired head to toe in designer outfits. I had Tod’s shoes in almost every colour, and those who have worn Tod’s shoes would know that they are probably the most comfortable shoes in the world. But they are also very delicate, and our weather is not the most friendly towards leather shoes. From being one of his first few clients, we became good friends. With the end of my hedonistic days, and the lack of Tod’s shoes in my collection, instead of sending my shoes to him, I would occasionally visit him and his wife, Siew Mei, just to chat about the world. It was because of them, that I decided to let our family to adopt a cat, as they too have a cat that have been with them for almost ten years.

Clifford is one of the most decent guys that I have known in my life. He loves nothing better than restoring the many beautiful leather items that are sent to him, besides his many church activities.

Clifford, my friend, may God bless your soul, and to Siew Mei and Pin (their daughter), carry on with his legacy. He will be deeply missed.

On the issue of death, 21 senseless deaths of students between the age of 13 and 17 and 2 wardens, in the country, and again at a Tahfiz (Islamic religious) school. And 28 years ago, a Royal Commission of Inquiry (RCI) was set up after a fire that claimed the lives of 27 students at another religious school in Kedah. As expected the RCI had made many findings and recommendations about religious schools. And as expected, none of the recommendations have been implemented! And now a petition is calling for another RCI!!! For what??? The findings will be the same, the recommendations will be the same!! Most religious schools are unregistered, many don’t have fire fighting capabilities, many are unsafe, yadda yadda yadda. Malaysians never learnt!!! Simple. Putting religious schools under state religious departments will not make the schools follow simple rules. Religious departments are not interested in the safety of students or the welfare of Muslims!!! They are only interested in catching Muslims for khalwat (close proximity between unmarried couples), not improving the lives of Muslims! As I have said before, Islam in Malaysia is about punishment, punishment and punishment! Have we heard any comments from them about the deaths?? Not a peep!!! There have been 30 fires at religious schools in 2017 alone. But nobody cares, as before this week, none of the other fires resulted in any fatalities. The fact is most of the people who run these schools don’t give two hoots about the safety of the children. I can bet that if you were to ask these people, they would just shrug their shoulders and said, “We leave it to Allah”. Yup, that’s why Allah didn’t give you guys any brains!!! Eat my golf balls!!!

On the international relations front, the Malaysian government have received overwhelming support from the psychotic president of the United States. Hooray!!! This is a president who governs via Twitter!! Who can beat that??? This is a president who have fired so many of his senior staff, despite only being in office for less than a year!! This is a president who deems that any news coming from CNN, CNBC, New York Times as fake news!!! I wonder what he thinks of the Malaysian press??

I am not that fond of our current Prime Minister as many of you would know. But you have to give it to the guy. He knows how to manage international relations better than any of the past Prime Ministers, especially the “Senile One”, or sometime known as the “U-Turn One” or the “Selective Memory” one.

Of course, many in Malaysia are now criticizing how Malaysia is buying influences from the US by buying new planes and having EPF and Khazanah invest more in the US. Hmmm, from what I have gathered, the planned purchases were announced by MAS earlier in the year. So, what’s new? Have you been in one of the MAS’ planes lately. I have not but I have been told by many that they are in deplorable state!! This from an airline that once pride itself for having one of the best business class service in the world!!! And they have six Airbus 380, the largest passenger plane which they could not fill up, and therefore operate cost effectively. So, it does make sense to buy the smaller Boeing Dreamliner. To those who have been following the aviation industry, you would know that Airbus is now struggling to sell the A380, thus the introduction of the smaller A350. To fill up a plane that can be configured for as many as 800 passengers is no easy feat for any airlines. Even Singapore Airlines has not made any new orders for the A380.

And on the EPF investment in the US? They need to invest overseas, full stop. Bursa Malaysia’s total market capitalization is USD446 billion at the end of the week. By comparison, the NYSE alone has a market capitalization of USD21.3 trillion as at end of July 2017, 48 times bigger than Bursa Malaysia. I have not included the other exchange, NASDAQ, which has a market capitalization of more than USD8 trillion. Which means the two US exchanges combined are 66 times bigger than Bursa Malaysia!! The total fund size of EPF is USD190 billion as at the beginning of 2017. If everything is too be invested in Bursa Malaysia, that would mean EPF owning 42% of all the companies in Bursa!!! The market will be screwed!!! If you don’t understand that, you should not even be asking for the rationale of investing in the US or overseas!!!

But, hey, we Malaysians are good at criticizing the government’s investment policies, especially for people who’s understanding of investment is so good that they put their money in those “lucrative” money game schemes. Maybe the EPF should invite these experts to be on the investment panel of the EPF! Imagine EPF earning 20% return every month. And we EPF members earning annual dividend of more than 200% every year, as opposed to the measly 6% that we got last year!!!

Criticized the government as much as you want. We all agree that there are many areas that need improvement. But make sure you understand what you are saying before criticizing! It is easy to criticize. That’s what the opposition parties are good at. That’s why they are all call “the opposition”. Their job is to oppose everything, irrespective of whether it is good or bad. That’s all they are capable of, opposing! That’s why the country’s political situation is such a joke. A government that’s good at screwing things up, and the opposition that is only good at opposing but has no clue on how to run the country.

And Myanmar continues their ethnic cleansing of the Rohingyas. And has there been any military actions taken against them by the world superpowers? Nope!! Why? Because they are poor? And there’s no oil in Myanmar? Condemnations do not save lives!!! And why does ASEAN still want them in the regional grouping? Because “we believe in diplomatic solutions”. Has there been any injustice in the world that was stopped by “diplomatic solutions”??? Did Hitler stopped killing the Jews because of diplomatic solutions? Did the Bosnian Serbs stopped the ethnic cleansing of the Bosnian Muslims because of diplomatic solutions? Will Israel stopped killing the Palestinian because a diplomatic solution will be put forth? Will North Korea stop testing their ballistic missiles by diplomatically engaging them? To me, diplomatic solution is just a way to not do anything without looking as if nothing is done!

“There are few ironclad rules of diplomacy but to one there is no exception. When an official reports that talks were useful, it can safely be concluded that nothing was accomplished.”

-         John Kenneth Galbraith

“You can do a lot with diplomacy, but with diplomacy backed up by force you can get a lot more done.”

-         Kofi Annan

“For me personally and for most other Americans, this commitment to peace and diplomacy does not imply a blind or total pacifism. There are times when war is justified, and for many centuries the moral criteria for violence have been carefully delineated.”

-         Jimmy Carter

I have taken part in two petitions against Aung San Suu Kyi, the new Hitler of the 21st century. One of the petition is to revoke her Nobel prize. More than 400,000 people around the world have signed the petition. Of course, the Nobel Institute has responded that it cannot be done. “It is not possible to strip a Nobel Peace Prize laureate of his or her award once bestowed,” according to the head of the esteemed institute, Olav Njolstad. The rationale is that the award was bestowed for her struggles against the military regime. So now that she has decided to become even more evil than her previous tormentors, she still deserve to hang on to the award. Only a psychopath would understand that rationale!!!

“Religious dogma not only results in the form of gross, zealous behaviour such as the killing of ethnic minorities as part of a cultural cleansing, it is substantiated by warped statements of certainties that corrupt the mind and make you a slave to further the agenda the organization that initiated it.”

-         Martin Dansky

“There are no worse oppressors than those who have been oppressed themselves for they will justify all means of self-preservation, including persecution and oppression of others, to the extent of, and worse than that which they had endured. This will weigh heavily on the souls of future generations.”

-         H.N.Ellessy

I hope that the United Nations will do something now, that it’s being discussed there. But as we all know from the past the word “United Nations” is an oxymoron. There’s nothing united about it.


(1st August 2017)


Just one word? Some of you would be wondering.

Lente in Latin is slowly.


It is also “Despacito” in Spanish. A song that is being played almost every five minutes on radio, and featuring the Canadian brat, Justin Bieber, who incidentally have no comprehension of the language. Neither is probably the 99.99% of the people in Malaysia who hums the song incessantly. But to the Talibans of Malaysia (TOM), the song must be banned and the powers that be have in their twisted minds decided to heed the advice of the TOM. Why? Because the song encourages sex!! I didn’t know that, and I seriously doubt the 99.99% of Malaysians who love the song do either! But the words of the TOM are the word of God!!!

Perhaps they should also ban “Love Me Tender” by Elvis Pressley, “Relax” by Frankie Goes to Hollywood, which by the way is about gay sex, “Kekasih Awal dan Akhir” by Jamal Abdillah, the local favourite in the 80’s. How about “Crazy in Love” by Beyonce, the Queen of Pop, “I’ll Make Love to You” by Boyz to Men, “Addicted to Love” by Robert Palmer, “If You Had My Love” by another Queen of Pop, Jennifer Lopez? And most people who listens to these songs would know that there’s some sexual innuendoes in these songs. And the song that is in the language that most people in Malaysia is not familiar with is banned!!! I am sure by now the whole world would know what a joke Malaysia is!!! But then we are very good at embarrassing ourselves.

Instead of focussing on the problems with children being raped by their own family members, and children being exposed to online predators, we are more concerned about a song in an unfamiliar language that supposedly encourages sex! Or maybe the researchers from the TOM had discovered that the children had been raped by their own family members after the family members had been singing “Despacito” non-stop and had decided to follow their animal instinct! And the video of the song has been viewed 3 billion times on YouTube. Yes folks, 3 BILLION times!!! Why don’t we ban YouTube in Malaysia then? Eat my golf balls!!!

Whilst the TOM is busy with banning a song, another wannabe TOM, the National Registration Department (NRD) was told by the High Court that they cannot not register the name of a Muslim child with his father’s name because the child was born out of wedlock. The NRD Director General had made his decision based on the “fatwas” (religious edict) issued by Islamic bodies in the country. Strangely enough this fatwa does not apply to the small state of Perlis, which had issued its own fatwa allowing for such a registration. The logic by the Perlis Mufti is simple, they do not want to victimise the child. And I agree with that logic. Why punish an innocent child, when it was his/her parents who had sinned? But then the TOM does not operate on logic. To the TOM, punishment is the main theme of Islam, even if they are punishing someone else for another person’s sin. To them Islam is not about rehabilitation. It is about punishing, punishing, punishing!!! Allah is merciful, but we Muslims are not!!! Most of my fellow Muslims will probably curse me for saying all this!! Do I care??? I answer to God, not to you guys!!

Ask any non-Muslims, especially those from the Western world. What does Islam equate to? Terrorism, hate and punishment. Where’s peace, forgiveness and love? That’s not Islam, they will say. Everyday, we Muslims recite, “Bismillah Hirrahman Nirrahim” countless times, “In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful”. But are we gracious and merciful????? Nope, because we are only interested in hate and punishment!!! In Kelantan, very soon we will be watching people being caned in public. I am sure everyone will be going in bus loads to watch the caning sessions!!! These sessions will beat any pop concerts by Siti Nurhaliza!!! It will be a sell-out!! The Kelantan government must seriously consider charging!!! Make some money while humiliating someone!!!

To those who are too young, I have watched countless public canings when I was in school. I was the one carrying the cane for our teacher, Mr Thomas Choo, the tiny aikido master, who will always be one of my inspirations. Yes, you young buggers, we do have public canings in school those days, and none of the parents would flinch when they found out. In fact, some of my guilty friends who had been publicly caned will get another round of caning from their fathers if their fathers knew about the canings!!! That’s why we old buggers are much more disciplined! We were not pampered like you lot!!!

On the political front, the old and senile former Dictator Prime Minister is now having a fight with the Deputy Prime Minister, for revealing the racial heritage of the old PM. Big mistake!!! Who doesn’t know about the senile old man Indian heritage? Why the need to bring it up now? Even the third PM, Tun Hussein Onn had Middle-Eastern heritage! We all are, to some extent have foreign ancestral roots. We pride ourselves on being multi-racial, and then we pick on someone’s racial heritage!! Is that going to achieve anything?? I believe my ancestors are from not only Indonesia, but also China. What’s the big deal??

To the philistines, biologically there is no such thing as race. The concept of race is cultural, not biological.

“Adaptive traits, such as skin colour, have frequently been used to define races in humans, but such adaptive traits reflect the underlying environmental factor to which they are adaptive and not overall genetic difference. There are no objective criteria for choosing one adaptive trait over another to define race.”

– US National Library of Medicine.

So, there is no such thing as biologically Malay, or biologically Chinese or biologically Indian!!! Biologically we are all the same race, the human race!!! Though I do notice that we also have a lot of monkeys pretending to be humans in Malaysia. And most of the monkeys have cars and drive on Malaysian roads!

In Malaysia, under the constitution, Article 160 defines a “Malay” “as a person who professes the religion of Islam, habitually speaks the Malay language, conforms to Malay custom and (a) was before Merdeka Day born in the Federation or in Singapore or born of parents one of whom was born in the Federation or in Singapore, or is on that day domiciled in the Federation or in Singapore; or (b) is the issue of such a person.”

I do profess the religion of Islam, but I don’t habitually speak the Malay language, nor do I conform to Malay customs. Am I a Malay then??? Does it even bloody matter???? So, what is the point of pointing out the former PM’s racial heritage? Not much difference from calling Barrack Obama an African, as he has a Kenyan father!!

“Choose your friends and mates, not by the money in their bank account, creed, ethnicity, or colour; instead, choose character, actions, heart, and soul. When we bleed, we bleed the same colour.”

― Ana Monnar

“This is God's universe and he is the master gardener of all. If we were to eliminate all colours in his garden, then what would be a rainbow with only one colour? Or a garden with only one kind of flower? Why would the Creator create a vast assortment of plants, ethnicities, and animals, if only one beast or seed is to dominate all of existence?”

― Suzy Kassem

Meanwhile, in the sporting world, a footballer has moved to another club for Euro222 million!!!! That’s a whopping RM1.13 billion!!! On top of that Neymar, the supposed Brazilian football genius, will be paid Euro550,000 a week by Paris Saint German football club!!! That’s RM2.8 million, a week or more than RM11 million a month salary!!!! Has the footballing world gone mad??? A big YES!!! I have never been impressed by Neymar, and neither will I change my mind with the obscene price tag!!! But then, PSG is owned by the Qatar government. A government that is at odds with quite a number of Arab countries and Qatar has been accused for supporting terrorism! So, this is, as one pundit puts it, just a public relations exercise. Seriously, if the Qatari PSG owners think that with Neymar PSG will win the European Championship, their brains need serious examining.

In the meantime, another famous footballer who spends as much time playing football as spending time preening himself, is in the courts in Spain, facing tax fraud charges. Yup, Ronaldo, the man who Brylcreem and Gillette have spent millions paying to endorse their products. This is a man who had his first son via a surrogate mother, and then a set of twins via another surrogate mother. Hmmm, is he too afraid to have a wife?? He does have a girlfriend, I think, but it seems more for show purposes! And as I said he spends a whole lot of time preening himself, even more than a cat!!! And my cat does a lot of preening!!! What do you call a man who spends a lot of time preening himself?? Hmmmmm…. Maybe that’s why he doesn’t have a wife, because every time they need to go out for dinner, he will need the whole day to put his makeup on. Now that’s going to annoy any wife or girlfriend!!! I am sure you ladies out there would not want to have a husband or boyfriend that spends much much much more time than you getting ready to go out!!

Ab uno disce omnes

(1st July 2017)

corruptissima re publica plurimae leges

When the republic is at its most corrupt the laws are most numerous

Before I start my ramblings, my apologies for not writing for more than a month. When I decided to write again, it was intended that I will be writing twice a month, but unfortunately the fasting month had been a drain on my mental capacity. Being a diabetic, fasting can be fraught with risk. Generally, doctors will not recommend fasting if you are diabetic. In the past, I always had problems with hypoglycaemia. By late afternoon, I would feel a bit dizzy and many times I had to break my fast, and get my sugar level back to normal. To the uninitiated, hypoglycaemia is a condition when your blood sugar goes below normal, and can cause death. I personally know of one case of a friend of a friend of a friend of a friend who actually died while waiting to break his fast at a hotel breaking of fast buffet. He didn’t die of heart attack looking at the overly sumptuous buffet spread. It was hypoglycaemia that killed him!

Surprisingly this year, my physical condition was good due to my daily exercise, in the months prior to the fasting month. But fasting is more than just about physical conditions, it is also about your mental conditions. Fasting is not only to cleanse your body but also your mind. That’s where I failed miserably. My patience was tested to the limit, and I found myself easily agitated. So, I sort of failed miserably this year when it comes to the cleansing of my mind. My only hope is God will forgive me for my weaknesses.

Now back to my ramblings, yes, we are a country with probably the most laws in the world, and add to that, the local bylaws, religious laws, native laws, and directives by the government. No wonder some people, especially foreigners, think that in Malaysia you can’t do anything without your action being subjected to some form of laws.

Being in the capital market, I have to be familiar with at least 5 different laws. And some of these laws can be lengthy, confusing and onerous. Just take the new Companies Act 2016. The law is only less than a year old, yet it has caused so much confusion amongst business people. The government keep saying that the new act is meant to help businesses. From what I have seen, it is more to help the Companies Commission (CCM). Onus is now being put on businesses to get things done, and what used to be performed by CCM is now passed to the company secretaries, thus increasing the cost of doing business. And on top of that, they have introduced measures that can only be described as an inconvenience for business owners like me. For instance, in the past, you can just sign a consent letter, and your company secretary or lawyer can get details of your directorships. Now you have to personally go to CCM to get the details. 

What’s worse, many of the new procedures that have been put in place do not seem to have been made known to other government departments, or maybe the other government departments just don’t want to know. For instance, there is no longer Form 49, which was previously issued by CCM, and which contains details of directors of companies. I had a nasty encounter at the Immigration Department a few weeks back while registering some foreign workers for one of my companies. The staff at Immigration just refused to believe that Form 49 no longer exists. It took a lot of shouting to get things done. Suffice to say that it took a whole day to register the workers. And if I had not shouted, I would probably be there the next few days. Now I fully understand the frustrations of employers when it comes to dealing with the Immigration Department.

I have always believed that bureaucracy is created to support corruption. One of the “agents” there asked my staff what was the problem. When the “agent’ was told about the issue, the “agent’s” response was simply, “Ini boleh kau tim”. Which basically means, it can easily be settled if we had bribed the department’s staff!!! Eat my golf balls!!!

“Bureaucracies are inherently anti-democratic. Bureaucrats derive their power from their position in the structure, not from their relations with the people they are supposed to serve. The people are not masters of the bureaucracy, but its clients.” -  Alan Keyes

“Bureaucracy, the rule of no one, has become the modern form of despotism.” - Mary McCarthy

The word civil servant is an oxymoron to me or perhaps just a misnomer. When you go to a government department, you would realize that the “civil servants” are clearly not civil and they are certainly not there to serve the public. In fact, you are expected to beg to be served, even though you are the taxpayer that pays their salaries. When you appear at the counters, you can only expect derision, as you are nothing more than a distraction from their gossiping or distracting their attention on their social media activities on their handphones!

“Civil servants take forever to do anything.” - Joseph Wambaugh

“A civil servant is sometimes like a broken cannon - it won't work and you can't fire it.” -  George S. Patton

Yes, it is not easy trying to sack a government servant. And everyone saw the brouhaha when this year the Minister of Finance 2 mentioned how bloated our civil service is. And unfortunately, they can hold the government to ransom if the government tries to do something about the bloated civil service. The life of a civil servant is so easy. Every Hari Raya the government pays them bonus. End of the year they get another bonus. This despite the fact that the government has been suffering deficits for so many years. Imagine a private company suffering losses every year and yet having to pay bonuses once or twice a year. Why bother working hard, or provide good service? 1.6 million of them!!! And 1.6 million of voters!!!

I have never enjoyed dealing with government departments, though I do admit that in terms of processing time, there have been improvements in some departments. But these improvements were forced upon them by a special committee appointed by the government. It was stated in a report by the Economic Planning Unit that “In the Eleventh Malaysia Plan, 2016-2020, the Government will become more citizen-centric and focus on enhancing the efficiency and productivity of the public service. Service delivery will be further enhanced and executed with speed and accuracy through innovative and creative approaches while upholding integrity.” Hmmm, citizen-centric? Well, that was the plan, anyway. And we all know in Malaysia, we are good at planning, but when it comes to implementation?

On the political, the self-confessed leader of the DAP seemed to have committed a political faux pas by naming a politician from another party (that is part of the opposition pact) as the next Chief Minister of the state of Kelantan. Well, committing political faux pas is nothing new to the man. This is after all, a man who has over the years that he has been in politics shown that he has absolutely no principle. He would sell his own mother if that would win him an election! He has accused the former and now senile Prime Minister, a dictator and nepotistic. Something that is ok if he does it, but completely wrong if committed by his political opponents. It is a case of, “Do what I say, no what I do”. To those wondering how did that phrase came about, apparently it may have been said as early as 1546, though there is a book published in 2005, Do as I Say (Not as I Do): Profiles in Liberal Hypocrisy, written by author Peter Schweizer. I supposed hypocrisy is a trademark of all politicians. Yet, you still vote for these idiots.

Looking at the politicians in the country, I have always wondered how this country has survived until today. The ruling coalition party is rife with corruption and wastage, and the opposition is a bunch of people with completely different ideologies and their own personal agenda. Oh, yes, there is only one agenda, to remove one person, and that one person don’t even run the country. What about agendas on saving the economy, on improving the civil service, on how to improve the lives of ordinary folks? Not interested!!! That is why I never voted in this country, though I had voted in the United Kingdom 30 years ago. There is no one worth voting for! And I don’t see that changing anytime soon!

And in two months’ time, Malaysia will be hosting the SEA Games, one of the biggest waste of public funds, but an event that countries in Southeast Asia jostle to host, more for political reasons than to showcase real athletics accomplishment, unlike the Olympics or even the Asian Game. The standards of most of the sports are so low, that the hosts used the games just for the “feel good” factor. And the hosts will use every trick in the book to win as many gold medals as possible, even introducing sports that are played by maybe ten people in the host country. And when it comes to the subjective sports, you can bet that the host will win all the gold medals. So, expect Malaysia to win all the gold medals in gymnastic, artistic gymnastic, and diving! Why does Malaysia need to host it now, when the country simply cannot afford to waste any more public funds? The “feel good” factor! After all, how else to divert our attention away from the fact that we are suffering economically, and that more people are finding it hard to put food on the table? Patriotism can sometimes be blind!

“Patriotism is not a short and frenzied outburst of emotion but the tranquil and steady dedication of a lifetime.” -  Adlai Stevenson

“Real patriotism is a willingness to challenge the government when it's wrong.” -  Ron Paul

So, I am definitely not going to be cheering for the Malaysian athlete at the coming SEA Games. I think I will just focus on the next season’s English Premier League and watch Jose Maurinho embarrass himself again at my beloved Manchester United. I seriously doubt that the narcissistic Maurinho will bring the EPL title to MU next season, but I would love to be proven wrong.

ab uno disce omnes

(31st May 2017)

mors cum terrore novo venit

Death Has Come With A New Terror

Senseless deaths in the name of religion in the city that my beloved football club is based. How sick and perverted has people become to target innocent children and then justify the act with religion! That Islam permits the killing of innocent children? Is there any purpose in all these killings? Other than just to shock people and make people fear you? Is that what religion is all about?

“In verse 2.190, “Fight in the way of God those who fight against you, but do not transgress. God does not love the transgressor.” Here Allah instructs Muslims to fight back, but not to transgress, and remain just even during the battle. "They are told that material interests should not be the motivation for their fighting, that they should not take up arms against those were not in opposition to the true faith, that they should not resort to unscrupulous methods or to the indiscriminate killing and pillage which characterized the other wars. The excesses alluded to in this verse are acts such as taking up arms against women and children, the old and the injured, mutilation of the dead bodies of the enemy, uncalled for devastation through the destruction of fields and livestock, and other similar acts of injustice and brutality.”

In the Quran, whenever there is a phrase about going to war, the orders are always couched in restraining language, with much repetition of warnings, such as "do not transgress" and "God does not love the transgressors" and "He loves those who are conscious of Him". These are instructions given to people who, from the beginning, should have the intention of acting "in the way of God".

Killings of children and the innocent are acting “in the way of God”? Only to the psychopaths, I suppose. And to me these people are psychos! Since this is the fasting month, “Eat my kurma (dates)!”. Hmm, doesn’t sound as good, does it?

And nearer to us, even one of the top Buddhist monk in Myanmar is using the same tactic against the Rohingya. Remember the name, Wirathu. The man the Time magazine called the “The Face of Buddhist Terror” in 2013. Four years on, and he is still terrorizing the Rohingya. Does the world gives a shit? Of course not. Why not? He is against Muslim, so who cares! How is it, that a religion that is mostly associated with peace, calmness and meditation can produce a man like Wirathu?

“Those who are free of resentful thoughts surely find peace.” – Buddha

“Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned.” - Buddha

Whilst Islamic terrorism has been blamed on the misinterpretation of the Quran, which Buddha’s sayings have been used by this psychotic monk to justify his actions? And he was even defended by his President then, Thein Sein. Imagine if the King of Saudi Arabia had defended Osama Bin Laden? The whole Kingdom of Saudi Arabia would have been decimated by nuclear weapons!!!

And in Malaysia, two top newspaper editors have been suspended from duty for being insensitive to Muslims. And the reason being? The Star published a photograph and caption of Muslims performing tarawih prayers to mark first day of Ramadan under the bold headline “Malaysian Terrorist Leader” on the front page. When I first saw it, I thought the headline was referring to the fact that a Malaysian has been identified as the next leader of Islamic State in South East Asia. Leader, if my English is correct refers to one person, and in this case, one Dr Mahmud Ahmad. The photo in the bottom, shows a group of Muslims performing tarawih prayers in the Putrajaya mosque. Why are we Muslims being so overly sensitive? The fact that some people calling themselves Muslims around the world are killing innocent people is of less importance that a frontpage headline in a local newspaper! When will the non-Muslims ever take the Muslims seriously when we are more concern about cartoons against Muslims, about concerts by Western performers than about the killings and injustices in the name of our religion??? And then blame everyone for the declining morals of Muslims, from Selena Gomez (PAS’ favourite singer) to Ariana Grande to Elton John!!! I bet even Yogi Bear and Mickey Mouse have shared some of the blame for the declining morals of Muslims.

I know blaming everyone but ourselves is a Malaysian thing. Let’s face it, no one ever blame himself or herself in Malaysia. The racial polarisation is caused by the government. The rampant corruption is caused by the government. Traffic jams are caused by the government!! Eh, who elected the government?? Eh, who is the one paying the civil servants “under table” money to speed up certain processes? Eh, who is the one paying civil servants to get contracts? Eh, who is the one paying those police officers to protect gambling dens and whorehouses? Eh, who are the ones going to those gambling dens and whorehouses? Eh, who are the ones that choose not to let their children mix with children of other races? Eh, who are the one who prefer to live only amongst his or her own races? Eh, who are the ones that don’t want to understand or try to understand other people’s religions or cultural practices? Eh, who are the ones that still prefer to drive in the jam and not use public transport?

“Most people don't have that willingness to break bad habits. They have a lot of excuses and they talk like victims.” - Carlos Santana

“Your life is the fruit of your own doing. You have no one to blame but yourself.” - Joseph Campbell

“I used to blame my problems on other people. But my moment of clarity, if you want to call it that, came when I was looking in the mirror one day and just burst into tears. It wasn't just that I looked bad, it was that I knew my problem was me.” - Tom Sizemore

“It’s time to care; it’s time to take responsibility; it’s time to lead; it’s time for a change; it’s time to be true to our greatest self; it’s time to stop blaming others.” - Steve Maraboli

To my Muslim friends, in this holy month of Ramadan, we are going to be tested to the fullest on a daily basis. For me, it is about my health and my mental state. With my diabetes, it can be extremely trying. Medically I should not fast, but I still try my best. Mentally, I need to be more patient. Though age has slowed me down quite a bit, I am still too temperamental.

Our focus should be about cleansing ourselves, though that itself can be a real challenge for most of us, including me.

“I commit her to memory. When I'm alone, I feel a strange yearning, the hunger of a man fasting not because he believes but because he's ashamed. Not the cleansing hunger of the devout, but the feverish hunger of the hypocrite. I let her go every evening only because there's nothing I can do to stop her.” - Mohsin Hamid

O you who believe! Fasting is prescribed to you as it was prescribed to those before you. so that you may learn self-restraint.” - Quran 2:183”

“The Messenger of Allah (saw) addressed his companions on the last day of Sha`ban, saying, "Oh people! A great month has come over you; a blessed month; a month in which is a night better than a thousand months; month in which Allah has made it compulsory upon you to fast by day, and voluntary to pray by night. Whoever draws nearer (to Allah) by performing any of the (optional) good deeds in (this month) shall receive the same reward as performing an obligatory deed at any other time, and whoever discharges an obligatory deed in (this month) shall receive the reward of performing seventy obligations at any other time. It is the month of patience, and the reward of patience is Heaven. It is the month of charity, and a month in which a believer's sustenance is increased. Whoever gives food to a fasting person to break his fast, shall have his sins forgiven, and he will be saved from the Fire of Hell, and he shall have the same reward as the fasting person, without his reward being diminished at all." - Narrated by Ibn Khuzaymah

And to my non-Muslim friends, do enjoy the many fares available at the various Pasar Ramadan around the country. This is the only month of the year where you can find food that you don’t normally find during other times.

(15th May 2017)

Radix malorum est cupiditas

Greed is the root of evil.

I cannot help but laughed when I see another money scam being exposed recently. When you read the headlines about JJPTR, or JJ Poor To Rich, you wonder whether Malaysians are just plain stupid or greedy. Despite the wide coverage, the investors who have very little chance of getting their money back are adamant that the scheme is a good one. And just read the reason being given by the founder about what went wrong. “The system was hacked!”, says the founder Johnson Lee, the good looking thirty something conman.

When someone offers you a return of 20% a month on your investment, it screams “PONZI!!!” But will Malaysians ever listen. To those who thinks Ponzi is the brother of Fonzie, or the Fonz on Happy Days, no it is not. The younger ones are probably wondering “Fonzie”? If you don’t know who Fonzie is, you are definitely below 40.

“A Ponzi scheme is a fraudulent investment operation where the operator, an individual or organization, pays returns to its investors from new capital paid to the operators by new investors, rather than from profit earned through legitimate sources. Operators of Ponzi schemes usually entice new investors by offering higher returns than other investments, in the form of short-term returns that are either abnormally high or unusually consistent.”

So now, Johnson Lee has decided to come up with a new scheme to compensate those who have lost money, and the new gullible idiots, with a 35% monthly returns! And believe me when I say that many will be emptying their bank accounts to get the 35% monthly returns! Eat my golf balls!!

Just read a quote from one of the investors:

“I'm Khen. I'm one of the victims of JJPTR's ponzi scheme.

I invested $1,000 (Php 52,000) in November 2016 and $1,000 (Php 53,000) for my wife in March 2017. A total of $2,000.

I never profited. They offer withdrawable capital but now (as of April 27, 2017), we cannot withdraw our capital anymore. I requested a withdrawal, but they denied my request.

But still many investors are hoping. But me? I don't trust JJPTR anymore. Only IDIOTS believe in false hopes or false promises.”


Amazing, isn’t it?

This is not the first Ponzi scheme in Malaysia. I still remember in the early 90s, one scheme which was famous amongst Malays, the “Pak Man Telo” scheme. I still remember my many relatives trying to persuade me to “invest”, and I told them that since I worked at the Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange then, I can make better returns investing on stocks. Not that I did, mind you. Otherwise, I won’t be writing this. Instead I would be sitting on some Caribbean beach, sipping Pina Colada. I had to tell them something, as to not offend them. They were so damned confident with Pak Man Telo. I can’t remember what the returns that were promised, but not far from what the young Johnson Lee is offering.

So, is it greed or just plain stupidity? Both actually!!! Gordon Gekko will be proud of the greed. And Dumb and Dumber would have found Dumbest. So now, please can someone come up with a better sequel to Dumb and Dumber, with Dumb, Dumber and Dumbest. If you pay me well enough, I will play Dumbest, alongside Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels. Darling wifey, the producer of “Oh, My English”, any ideas??

 “Earth provides enough to satisfy every man's needs, but not every man's greed.” – Mahatma Gandhi

“Greed, envy, sloth, pride and gluttony: these are not vices anymore. No, these are marketing tools. Lust is our way of life. Envy is just a nudge towards another sale. Even in our relationships we consume each other, each of us looking for what we can get out of the other. Our appetites are often satisfied at the expense of those around us. In a dog-eat-dog world we lose part of our humanity.”

- Jon Foreman

“We are in danger of destroying ourselves by our greed and stupidity. We cannot remain looking inwards at ourselves on a small and increasingly polluted and overcrowded planet.”

- Stephen Hawking

Being in the capital market for almost 30 years, I have seen this kind of greed and stupidity too many times. I have seen how my many stockbroking friends used to splurge not only on Porsches and Ferraris, but would not bat an eye lid betting RM1,000 per hole on the golf course. Then the market crashed!!! Where are they now??? I have no idea. Those days, when I meet people and said that I worked at the Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange, the first thing that comes out of the person’s mouth was, “Got tip, ar??” If I had, would I be working??? Duh!!!

In the meantime another case of religious intolerance happened in Johor, when a Chinese man was assaulted for honking his car when he was stuck in front of a mosque during Friday prayers. To me both parties are wrong. Why, oh why do you park your car in front of the mosque when you are not there to pray. Every Friday, in every mosque in the country, the parking can only be described as chaotic. If you are not there to pray, you are screwed! And why did the idiots assault him? He made a mistake, he was in a hurry. What gives them the right to assault him? For my non-Muslim friends, stay away from mosques on Fridays. And to my Muslim friends, please be a bit considerate and park your cars properly. I have been stuck many times coming out of mosques on Fridays. We are not just talking about double-parking, it is triple-parking and sometimes quadruple-parking!!! Why are Malaysians so inconsiderate??? Stupid question, isn’t it??? As I have said many times, the moment a Malaysian enters his or her car, his or her IQ drops by 90%!!!

In the case of the girl who was barred from a chess tournament for her “seductive” dress, the organiser is now claiming that the photo was doctored, and her dress was above her knee! She’s 12 years old, you wanker!!! And just to show how bad the English is, the organiser said that her dress was pulled down when the photo was taken. That’s not doctoring!!! Doctoring is when you take the photo, and use Adobe Photoshop and changed certain aspect of the photo, like putting someone else’s face on the original photo. Believe me, I am good at that!!! If you want me to alter your photos, to have nicer looking bodies, just send them to me. But be warned, you might find your face being on the head of a Playboy model, cavorting in bed with Hugh Hefner!

On the political front, PAS has severed all ties with PKR, but they still want their people on the Selangor government. That’s call, “having your cake, and eating it too!” What a bunch of clowns! Shit, I forgot, they are politicians, and they are clowns!! Ah, politicians, can’t live with them, and can’t live without them. They are probably the only people that can stoop so low, without getting a hernia. Politician is the first or second oldest profession?? Not that the two oldest professions are any much different. They both prostitute themselves??? Hmmm.

“Nations are born in the hearts of poets, they prosper and die in the hands of politicians.”

- Muhammad Iqbal

“It has now become the doctrine of a large clan of politicians that political honesty is unnecessary, slow, subversive of a man's interests, and incompatible with quick onward movement.”

- Anthony Trollope

On the business front, my company has finally been registered by the Securities Commission as a Venture Capital Management Company, after…..5 months. Well, better late than never. So, do visit our website, And do contact me if you have some billion dollar deals that you would like me to structure. And I also do welcome donations from any of my Arab friends. When the King of Bahrain was here last week, and was trying to play golf with our Prime Minister, I tried to approach His Majesty, but when I saw the well-armed humungous body-guards, I decided that perhaps Bahrain does not have as much money as those from other Arab nations. I also wondered who advised them to play golf in the afternoon? Their game only lasted a good 20 minutes, and there I was laughing together with a former high ranking UMNO bigwig, and he said, “See, God doesn’t care if it’s the King or Prime Minister that wants to play golf!” He he he 

30th April 2017

pro liberis meis vivo

For my children I Live

The life of another child is gone recently, in an Islamic school, no less. Senseless and just unforgiveable. Until today, I don’t understand why there is a need for these types of school, which are not only illegal, but ungoverned. Only when something tragic like this happened, and everybody crying foul, the government promises to do something. And it’s already too late.

These schools, whether private or state-funded, are increasingly popular in Malaysia as more and more Muslims here seek out religious instruction for their children. According to the latest statistics available on the Ministry' of Education’s website, there are a total of 273 religious schools — namely SMKA or national religious secondary schools (57) and SABK government-aided primary (36) and secondary religious schools (180), with a total of 11,671 teachers as of April 30, 2016

As for the number of Islamic schools under state jurisdiction, Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (Jakim) director-general Tan Sri Othman Mustapha was reported last December as saying that there are 547 tahfiz schools registered with the state religious authorities with 36,736 students and 3,340 teachers as of January 2016.

Testifying to the apparent growing demand for religious teachings is the huge number of tahfiz schools (where the Quran is memorised), with the newly-created Federation of National Associations of al-Quran Tahfiz Institutions (Pinta) confirming to a local daily that only 670 out of around 1,200 tahfiz schools nationwide are registered, have their syllabus looked into and financial assistance provided. This means that only 56% are registered. As for the rest, I supposed it’s anything goes.

With the tragic death on Wednesday of 11-year-old Mohamad Thaqif Amin Mohd Gaddafi still hanging heavy over the nation, the only question left now is whether systemic reforms and improvements for the country's religious schools will come fast enough.

I have been very suspicious of these schools. To me, they are nothing more than a place to indoctrinate children into Islamic extremism! So why allow the unregistered ones to operate with impunity? Because when it comes to Islam, the UMNO led government is too scared to say anything, lest the government be accused of being anti-Islam! And it will definitely be politicised by PAS! Anything to do with Islam has become so sensitive! I have said some years back that many Muslims in this country are under the “siege mentality”. The non-Muslims are against us! Who started it in the first place, you morons? Osama Bin Laden and his band of merry brothers Taliban who decided to use a few commercial airlines as weapons of mass destructions!

And talking about the Talibanisation of this country, a 12-year old chess player was banned from a chess tournament for dressing indecently! Have you seen the photo of the poor girl, in her indecent dress? As an uneducated philistine, I don’t really know what is the meaning of indecent dressing. But from the very little that I know, I think all you need to do is go to KLCC, and I am quite sure half of the women are indecently dressed! And none of them are banned from shopping in KLCC! What is wrong with the person in charge of the tournament. And what were the phrase used? The dress was seductive!!! Only a paedophile would find a 12-year old girl with a knee length dress seductive!! Bloody paedophile! Eat my golf balls!!

And did you hear about the female reporter who attended the PAS Muktamar, being asked why she dressed like a man? Yes, she had a short hair, and she was in shirt and trousers. And yes, Islam does discourage men from dressing as women, and women from dressing as men. But this is a Chinese woman from a Chinese daily! Was she dressed indecently and seductively? Maybe to lesbians! And here we have PAS telling the whole world, “PAS will move on under the Gagasan Sejahtera flag to rescue the country by adopting Islamic principles, but with the kind of approaches that suit our multi-racial and multi-religious society” – New Straits Times, 30th April 2017. That came from the leader of PAS. What??? You guys have certainly shown to the Chinese female reporter what that means!

Rescue the country from what??? We all know we only need to get rid of one person, which I can no longer mention her title!

“We are promoting Islamic principles as the solution to all the issues plaguing this country….”, the esteemed ulamak continues. Adopting Islamic principles is not going to cut it! You guys can’t even solve the problems of the highest drug addictions amongst Muslims in Malaysia in Kelantan, the most number of unwed Muslim mothers in Malaysia in Kelantan, and the most number of Muslim divorces in Malaysia in Kelantan!!! And now you want to solve the country’s problems! Go to Kota Baru and see how dirty the town is. There are eight landfills in Kota Bharu, and the amount of rubbish is enough to create huge reclaimed land off the coast!  Every time a dump truck arrives in one of the landfills, scavengers start rummaging through the rubbish! Go to every surau in Kota Bharu, and you will never find clean water to do your ablution. The water is all yellow!!! Even the King was angered by this, and someone was removed from his official position 2 days before the King’s birthday (as the Sultan of Kelantan) celebration a few months ago!

"Truly, Allah loves those who turn to Him constantly and He loves those who keep themselves pure and clean." (Al Baqarah 2:222)

“In it (mosque) are men who love to clean and to purify themselves. And Allah loves those who make themselves clean and pure.” (9:108)

In Islam, there are two kinds of cleanliness; physical and spiritual. As far as physical cleanliness is concerned, it is of two types. One which is related to human body and the other is related to environment, water, house, road and public places.

Clean your own f*****g backyard first, before thinking about the country! And what about the orang asli that’s losing their ancestral land!

“And the recompense of an odious deed is an odious deed the like of it; yet whoever is clement and acts righteously, then his reward is up to Allah. Surely, He does not love the unjust.” [Quran 42:40]

 “The cause is only against the ones who wrong the people and tyrannize upon the earth without right. Those will have a painful punishment.” [Quran 42:42]

So, stop preaching and learn how to govern first. They maybe I will give some respect to you.

Ab uno disce omnes

(15th April 2017)

caelitus mihi vires

My strength is from the heaven.

Religion has become a divisive factor in Malaysia today. Instead of uniting people, Malaysians are now divided by religion. Even though we always have different religions for many decades, we were never divided. We fought the war against the Japanese, we fought for independence from the British, united in our common cause, despite our differences in our faiths. If you have never noticed by now, my name is the anagram for faith. Not that this soul has been diligent in his faith, but he tries.

The big divisive issue in the country now is the RU355. Whilst non-Muslims have been up in arms over the proposed change in legislation, only a handful of Muslims have dared to speak their minds. The fact of the matter is, this issue is even more divisive amongst Muslims. But the average Muslim will never speak up, for fear of being branded an apostate! Just like Islamic Terrorism (which is an oxymoron), the voice of the Muslim majority will not be heard. They are cowed into silence, because that’s how unfortunately Islam is today.

It has become so bad that in the West, Islam is evil. And many non-Muslims in this country share the same view. Because ignorance is bliss. Just take one or two sentences in the Quran, is enough to send frenzies amongst the ignorant. Sad, but that is true. The Quran was compiled more than 1,500 years ago, and unlike the Bible, has never changed a word. Most parts of the Quran are still relevant today, but some were said and written based on the environment of the day.

Even the hadiths of the Prophet Mohamed (s.a.w) were said in response to what he was facing in the barbarian culture of the Arabs. The Arabs have never changed until today! Twenty-five prophets were sent to the same region. So, they think they are the chosen ones! Yes, there were the chosen ones, BECAUSE they were the most barbaric and cruel people in the world. It is in their DNAs! And God gave them everything! What have the oil sheiks done to stop Islamic Terrorism? What have the oil sheiks done to help the poor Islamic countries in the world? How have the oil sheiks treated women?

Do I even need to answer that?

bene orasse est bene studuisse

To have prayed well is to have pursued well. They certainly prayed well, but then………

Muslims in Malaysia are turning into Arabs! They are not becoming better Muslims, but they want to be Arabs. Malay words have been replaced with Arab words. And the behaviour?

What is Shariah law? Is it stated in the Quran? No! It is man-made, but in the name of religion. Go to every country that practices so-called Shariah law, and everyone interpret Shariah differently. So, if it is a matter of interpretation, is that God’s law?

Islam is not about punishment! It is about rehabilitation. It is about changing a bad person to a good person through counsel, not by cutting hands, stoning or lashing. But does any of these so-called “ulamaks” care? “I have spent 10 years at Al-Azhar University in Egypt studying Islam!”, they would proclaim. Big deal! I went to the top business school in England. Am I an expert on business? Am I a supremely successful businessman? Eat my golf balls!

“Founded in 970 or 972 by the Fatimids as a centre of Islamic learning, its students studied the Qur'an and Islamic law in detail, along with logic, grammar, rhetoric, and how to calculate the phases of the moon. It was one of the first universities in the world, and the only one in the Arabic world to survive as a modern university including secular subjects in the curriculum”.  Notice the “…logic, grammar, rhetoric and how to calculate the phases of the moon”?

Islam has been hijacked by men, who wants the religion to be their self-serving ideology? Not much different from how Rome became the centre of Catholicism in 380. How is it that the people that loves sexual orgies suddenly become the protector of the Christian faith? How is it that a place thousands of miles away from the birth place of Jesus become the centre of Catholicism? Blame it on Emperor Constantine 1, and Emperor Theodosius. But at least they did not promote terrorism. Though throughout Europe, there was the Spanish Inquisition, in 1478 by Catholic Monarchs Ferdinand II of Aragon and Isabella I of Castile to maintain Catholic orthodoxy. The Jews and the Muslims were forced to convert to Christianity. And the brutality of the inquisition was no less than what ISIS is today. Besides the Spanish one, there were also the Roman Inquisition and the Portuguese Inquisition. So, religion has always been used to justify injustices. And politicians use religion to strengthen their bases. Even the schism between Sunni and Shiite, is a political battle for supremacy, not because of religious believe.

Not only in Islam has religion been politicised, but even in Christianity too. Why is there a new testament? Islam recognizes three holy books, the Torah, the Injil (Old Testament), and the Quran. Islam does not recognise the new testament because it is man-made. Until today most Christian theologian does not recognize Mary Magdalene as Jesus’ wife. Mary is described as a “companion”. Of course, Dan Brown wrote that in those days wives are described as companion. In the Quran, Mary is Jesus’ wife. Today if you are to introduce a woman in your arms as “companion”, wink, wink, you naughty bastard! I do have friends who have “companions”. Back to the question of why there is a new testament, you have to ask John, Paul, and Yoko Ono. 

RU355 is now nothing more than a political game between UMNO and PAS. And now even the bunch of jokers who called themselves the “opposition” are fighting amongst each other about the legislation. Why? Political mileage!

You all know how much I hate politicians. Do I need to explain anymore?

“He knows nothing; and he thinks he knows everything. That points clearly to a political career.”

― George Bernard Shaw

“Our great democracies still tend to think that a stupid man is more likely to be honest than a clever man, and our politicians take advantage of this prejudice by pretending to be even more stupid than nature made them.”

― Bertrand Russell

“I remain just one thing, and one thing only, and that is a clown. It places me on a far higher plane than any politician”

― Charlie Chaplin

If Charlie Chaplin is alive today, he would change his mind!

I am not a religious man, though I try my best to meet my religious obligations. Religion is something personal, not something to shout about. I have seen how some of my friends who changed because of the religion, and yet I still see some of them as nothing more than scoundrels. Have they really changed for the better? Only on the praying part! Praying five times a day, going to Haj, and the rest only makes you a Muslim, it does not make you a decent person!

So, the politicians will continue trying to gain political mileage from RU355. Not because they really care about religion. If I support, I lose the non-Muslim votes. If I don’t support, I lose the Muslim votes. Who cares about whether the law is unconstitutional? Who cares whether the law is unjust? Islam strongly believes in justice.

“Verily, Allah orders justice and good conduct and giving to relatives and He forbids immorality and bad conduct and oppression. He admonishes you that perhaps you will be reminded.”

Surah An-Nahl 16:90

O you who believe, be persistently standing firm for Allah as witnesses in justice, and do not let the hatred of a people prevent you from being just. Be just, for that is nearer to righteousness. Fear Allah, for verily, Allah is aware of what you do.”

Surah Al-Ma’idah 5:8

So, guys, I am making my stand on RU355, as a Muslim and as a Malaysian. Call me whatever you want, an apostate, a nutcase, or whatever! I am against injustice, to human and all living beings. In the end only God decides what I am! So, what is my stand? As Renee Artois, from “Ello, Ello” would say, “I will zay dis only wanz! Non!”

“God does not forbid you from doing good and being just to those who have neither fought you over your faith nor evicted you from your homes...” (Quran 60:8)

fiat justitia ruat caelum

Let justice be done though the heavens fall

 (31st March 2017)

Transit umbra, lux permanet

Shadow passes, light remains.

Surprised!!! You think I am dead??? Well, too bad to those who had such thoughts!

It’s been slightly over three years since I last wrote, though it feels like eternity.

In the last three years, we have seen so many, mainly upheavals, things. The war in the middle east is nowhere near ending, and now we have an idiot as the president of the United States. Most presidents of the United States have been idiots anyway. Americans love idiots, we all know that! From Grover Cleveland, with the famous chants, “Ma, ma, where’s my pa? Off to the White House, ha ha ha!” to Thomas Jefferson with his affair with a slave, to Reagan’s Iran Contra, to Nixon’s Watergate, to Bill Clinton’s new way to smoke a cigar!!! And some of you thought only Malaysian leaders have scandals!!!

Bella! Horrida bella!! War! Horrid war!

Yes, war is horrid. Every week we see images, that many years ago we will find sickening, but now we have become immune to. Watching kids butchered has become a pastime for many, who would then spread the images online without a single thought about the poor kids!

I had my own war too, but not with anyone (though I have started one now, which I will talk about later), but with my own demons. Battling your own demons can be very hard. It takes a lot out of you, and it takes real perseverance to overcome. Thank God, I have survived, with the help of a loving wife and daughter, and now a cat, who is named after the Asgardian god, Loki. I suspect Loki does not give a shit about my demons, as long as he gets fed, and he gets to annoy me at 5.30 in the morning by licking my face and now biting my struggling goatee. My wife and daughter have been pestering me for a cat for years, but I kept ignoring it as we live in an apartment, and I don’t want to torture a cat by confining it to a small space. But then we started feeding stray cats (and the occasional stray dogs too) in Hartamas every weekend, and I felt in love with cats. But there was no way I was going to pay money for some special pedigree, so we scoured the net and found Loki. Loki is such a friendly cat, the moment he walked into our apartment, he just made himself at home, and on the first night, while I was working in bed, he just jumped onto the bed and slept on my thigh. Now he is my constant subject on my Instagram page. What??? Me on Instagram??? Yes, I am, though for years I stayed away from Instagram as I thought Instagram is just for narcissists, who I can’t stand! And I have begun to hate Facebook, as it is simply too intrusive. But being an early adopter of the internet, I just had to give it a go, and I have to say I quite like it. So, do visit my Instagram page too. But don’t expect any nude photos of me, ok!

From the weekend feeding, I also began to understand the mentality of cats. It is not that dogs hate cats. Dogs are scared shit of cats. Cats can be very mean to everyone, including to other cats. Dogs think humans are gods, and dogs think they are to serve humans. Cats think they are gods, and humans are their servants!

I am now back in the corporate world. Why? What else, I need the money! Duh!!! And I have brilliant partners, one of which is Dato’ Yusli, my former boss. In the pass, some people who know us both would probably be dropping their jaws. Me and my straight shooter attitude, and him, always nice to people. Well, as they say, opposite attracts.

We now jointly owned FNW Capital Partners, a boutique business and management advisory firm, and also in the midst of being registered as a Venture Capital Management Company, if SC (after giving me such a hard time the last three months) approves it. To be honest, I could not care less whether they do or don’t. One, our business is already running, and profitable (though not quite enough to buy my dream car yet!), and we have plenty of projects to work on. I am also considering Labuan to park some of our projects, and I am now talking to a potential partner. We don’t really want to be regulated by SC. The people at SC are probably the most arrogant people around. They are not business friendly, they don’t understand business and everyone that wants to list his or her company is a crook. If you ask me, the biggest culprit destroying the Malaysian capital market is SC!

I have also been appointed to the Board of another company that will be listed on Bursa soon. A brilliant company built by a Chinaman with only standard six education. He even apologized to me after his speech in faltering English at their annual dinner. I told him there’s nothing to be ashamed of. He built a business to what is now worth a few hundred million ringgit from nothing! Well done Datuk Phum Ang Kia. You truly are a Malaysian entrepreneur that every budding entrepreneur should emulate.

I am also now sitting on a company listed on the three exchanges in Germany, owned by Tan Sri Syed Yusoff (Jojo), of the Hard Rock fame, and wife that seems to be constantly arrested. Another great businessman, who has built a great reputation in the hospitality industry.

My other listed company is now seeing a lot of improvement, with the expert guidance of Datuk Donald Lim, the ex-Deputy Finance Minister. He has really taught me a lot about business. Our projects are now well underway, one in Serdang and one in Puchong. The share price is also improving. I don’t have any shares, ok? And this does not constitute as an investment advise!

So, life has changed drastically for me. Finally, at the age of 52! I have brilliant business partners, not only in Yusli, but also in Rickie, a veteran corporate player who have listed many companies in the past, and who now is more like a brother to me than a business partner. I have also brought a former colleague from Bursa, a feisty lady, with impeccable degrees from no less than the Imperial College, and who probably does not want to be named here. She’s a bit shy! Despite her brilliant achievements, including being an advisor to a former Chief Secretary to the government. I am talking about Chief Secretary of the Malaysian government, not Vanautu, okay!!

As I mention earlier, I have also started a war with a corporate player, who is guilty of corporate malfeasance. “Dulce bellum inexpertis” - War is sweet for those who haven't experienced it.

I have thrown everything at him, and he is now cowering behind his proxy, a member of a royal family, who also is a complete idiot, chairing the Board of a listed company, which has been delisted due to their conniving ways. I have always been against idiots being on boards of listed companies. Every year when I have to attend the Mandatory Accredition Program (MAP) for directors of listed companies, I cringed when I hear the kind of questions that come from the so-called directors. Most don’t even know what “fiduciary duties” mean. They probably think that is has something to do with the judiciary! I am also against ex-government servants being directors, except when they can contribute to the business. I just don’t understand it. Just look at many of the GLC’s, and see the number of ex-government servants there. How can it be a reward? Don’t they know that being a director of listed companies carry heavy responsibility??? Duh, eat my golf balls!!! (You have been waiting for that, haven’t you???). I have met good government servants on Boards of listed companies who do contribute, but they are certainly in the minority.

I am also concerned with how the country is more and more racially polarized. We all bleed the same. Our bloods are all red! Even the blue-blooded people! I still have not figured out why they are call “blue-blooded”. Maybe someone can enlighten this philistine. There is a show on AXN called “Blue Blood” but they are not royals, they are a family of policemen! Confused??? So am I!!!

It looks like the politicians, on both sides, are not going to change anytime soon. Everyone is calling everyone a racist now! So, it looks like everyone’s a racist now!! When will it ever stop? I am glad that my daughter has friends of every colour, from a best friend who is half Malay, half American, a Chinese, an Indian, and even an Indonesian Chinese. I hope her generation will be a lot better. I remember once asking after meeting my multiracial friends from school after more than 30 years, will our children be doing the same thirty years from now? I hope they not only meet every day for the next fifty years, but will also remain colour blind for the rest of their lives.

As for golf, it looks like I am the one eating my golf balls nowadays. Though officially still a 16 handicapper, my game is more like a 24 handicapper. I still play with my geriatric friends almost every Sunday at TPC KL (formerly KLGCC), and we now play just “to laugh at ourselves”, as often mentioned by my good friend Jock. We definitely are having a ball every Sunday, from watching a one-eyed 76-year old veteran of the legal profession miss his balls, to the number of balls going into the ponds. I am quite sure those guys who collect the balls in the ponds to sell by the road side are always anticipating their bounties every time they see us driving into the club. Oh, if you are wondering why KLGCC is now called TPC KL, it is simply so that the club can charge us members more! KLGCC is the only TPC club outside of the USA, and they paid lots of money to use the brand! I blame those members who keep driving their Ferraris, Porsches, Maseratis, Lamboghinis whenever they come to the club. I don’t have any of those cars, and my beat-up Mercedes is breaking down every other day. I can’t afford the increased subscription! Eat my golf balls!!!

What’s worse, they have stopped having the Sime Darby LPGA Championship. I am going to miss those ladies from all over the world showing their skills on the course. Let’s not forget we are talking about the top 50 best female golfers in the world!! These girls got drives, thus the championship tagline, Women With Drives!

We members now can play for free at the 22 TPC courses in the USA. I don’t have the money to go to the USA. Anyway, with Trump there, I might not even get in!!! I have an Arabic name, though with my look, I can pass for a Chinese. Dangerous combination!!!!! Imagine the look of the guy manning passport control, a Chinaman with an Arabic name!!! Man, I will go straight into the detention centre!

So, I hope you all enjoy my latest rambling, which will be up on the website soon. To those who are new to my madness, welcome to my world!! And don’t worry, madness is not usually contagious.

Ab uno disce omnes

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