Golf Tips (for beginners)

Before reading the following advice, please take note that I take no responsibility over your ability to improve your golf game, nor do I take responsibility for your betting losses on the golf course. The following advice is merely to fulfill my responsibility as a fellow golfer to other fellow golfers who seem to always complain that they cannot improve their golf and that they want strokes from me when playing golf with me. Those who give strokes to me are also encouraged to read the advice, as to justify the giving of strokes to me. Why? Because I always forget my own advice when I am playing with all you buayas.

The unofficial rules of golf:

Golf is 90% mental, 10% physical.

The length of your drives does not matter

Size does not matter

The cost of your clubs does not matter

The size of your bets does not matter

So there you go. Five of the most important rules of golf. Follow them and you'll enjoy your game. And with some perseverance and skills, you should be able to lower your handicap. But don't be too ambitious. Tiger Woods started when he was 4 years old.

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