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2nd November 2011

Charity Golf Tournament 2011

Glenmarie, 1st November 2011

This is the first time that I am taking part in the tournament, and I am taking part this year not because I am in a charitable mood (do I sound charitable???), but due to the courtesy of CSC, or more specifically the MD of CSC Malaysia, my former boss at VADS, Dennis Koh.

For a tournament organized by PIKOM, I have to say that it was rather chaotic. Now most people only know PIKOM as the organizer of the ubiquitous PC Fair. But PIKOM is the association, whose members are basically the who’s who of the computing industry in Malaysia. The industry that contributes billions to the Malaysian economy, the industry that sells systems to everybody in the country. Yet they clearly don’t have a system when it comes to organizing a golf tournament!!! I have organized golf tournaments before, so I know what I am talking about.

Anyway, I am not going to go into specifics, and continue the PIKOM bashing. After all they did award VADS the “IT Company of the Year in 2008”, and I was the one who presented the case to them.

I have not taken part in any golf tournaments of late, as my game is real crap, and they are a lot of buayas in the IT industry. You must understand a lot of the IT deals are done on the golf courses. So these guys are very good at “managing” their golf handicaps!!! The best, if you ask me!

Anyway, here I was (waking up early in the morning, and seeing the sun rise again!!!) arriving at the course to find everyone so eager to take part and enjoy the lovely (and hot) weather.

After the chaotic scene at the buggy station, off we went to our first tee box. Since it was a “shot gun start”, we were assigned the 13th hole (a par 3!!!) of the Valley Course to start the tournament. In my flight was Dennis, James (the ever smiling salesman) Kwai (read about this new buaya), and Johnson Khoo (the head honcho of Hitachi System).

Now, as most golfers would know, starting on a par 3 is not the most ideal way to start the game. But to me, a hole is a hole (golf hole that is!!). And there we were at the 144 metres uphill par 3, where you can’t see where your ball lands. As usual we decided to put in a bit of a wager (Malaysian golfers just cannot play without betting!!!), and we decided to play sixes, with me partnering Dennis first.

Everyone started taking their long irons and Johnson took out what looked like a hybrid. Now, as some of you know, I am a long hitter when it comes to the irons, and 144 metres is a 9 or 8 iron for me. But since it was the first hole, and the body is still stiff and confused from having to wake up early, I took a 7 iron. It was uphill as well after all.

I was the first to tee-off. I hit it fairly good and straight to the green. It was obvious that I will be on the green. Three of us looked like we were on. So off we went to the green. I was right at the back of the humongous green, and the flag is at the front, some good 60 feet away from my ball. It wasn’t a straight forward putt, looked like a double brake, but more likely a triple brake!!! My first putt ended 15 feet away!!! And I wasn’t the only one who three putted that hole. We all ended with a bogey.

I have always liked the Valley Course, as it is very scenic, and provides enough challenges but yet fairly easy to score if your game is there. But I have to say that after the renovation of the course and the realignment of some of the holes, the course has become too “straight forward”, and for a course that used to have excellent drainage, some holes definitely need some work in the drainage department.

For someone who is so used to the pristine condition of the KLGCC, this was a real disappointment. I know no club in the country can be compared to KLGCC right now (not even The Mines), but I expected a lot more from Glenmarie.

And I am not trying to blame the course for my poor game (It took nine holes before I got my first par!!!), but as I said Glenmarie had a good reputation and very popular with a lot of golfers, that practically every week there’s a tournament there!!

Despite the rather abysmal game (4 pars and equal number of triple bogeys!!!), I must say I really enjoyed the game. The company definitely helps, especially with Johnson around. You can never be serious with him around.

So despite the chaos, I have to congratulate PIKOM, especially when they managed to collect RM100,000 for charity. Well done PIKOM!!!