Buaya and Ayam News

27th July 2001

Before we know it, half a year have gone. During that period, plenty of things happened, but unfortunately I was too busy to update the site on the happenings on the courses where the buayas continue roaming, and the ayams continue being slaughtered.

Amongst the many buayas that we know, two have made significant achievements. No, they have not been accepted into the USGA pro-circuit yet, but two hole-in-ones.

First, it was Mr Chee (Backache) Yaw Soon who achieved it at the Staffield Golf Course & Country Club, even though he did not actually see the ball going in nor did he even realised that the ball actually landed on the green. This guy had so little belief in himself, that he even took a pro-ball, thinking that he had overshot the green. (So does that mean that the hole-in-one does not count???) But then who can blame him, when he was using a driver on a par 3. Mind you the hole is about 190 metres long. But still………..

The sad part is, even though he aced the hole, it was not the hole designated for the hole-in-one prize. Not only he did not know his ball was in the hole, he even got the wrong hole!!!!  And how did he described his achievement? BETTER THAN ORGASM!!!! That's his own words. Hmmmm, when was the last time he had an orgasm????

The next person to achieve a hole-in-one is Jock (Conman) Chua, at the Kuala Lumpur Golf & Country Club. Did anyone check whether the ball in the hole was the same one that he teed off with???

Finally, though not as impressive as the two achievements above, I got an eagle, at the 4th hole of the Palm Garden Golf Club during the KLSE-FPLC Tournament, on 21st July 2001. I also got third place in the "A" medal category, a drop from 1st for last year, but I am not complaining.


As you can see, from the score card I played like a pro on the second nine (which I started first), but stumbled badly on the first nine, except for the eagle. Looks like I still need a lot of practice before I can whip Ang Ting Kang.

By the way, my handicap (at KLGCC) has gone down to 15, and those of you who want to slaughter me, now is the time.