Buaya and Ayam News

24th November 2000

Due to some unbelieveable scores over the last few months, my handicap has been cut to 18. Unfortunately it only happenned after the list of players for the KLGCC Annual Championship 2000 was drawn up, thus excluding me from the list of invitees (or buayas).

Despite the fact that my handicap has been reduced, I am having more difficulties trying to earn any money on the course as there seems to be an emergence of many new buayas, especially at KLGCC. Someone must be cultivating them somewhere. One such buaya is Eugene (we play square) Loke. This guy used to be the "resident pro" at Sungai Long Golf and Country Resort. It must have been due to his unbelieveable talent that KLGCC has decided to appoint him as the new "resident pro" at KLGCC. He keeps complaining that his drives are not long, but he seems to forget that they are all on the fairways, and the second shots are almost always on the greens. And he wants to play "square" with me!!!! So be careful!!!!!

Another buaya seems to have his tail clipped, the well known "Uncle" TK Goh. Ever since his heart attack (not on the golf course, luckily), Uncle seems to be a bit subdued. I haven't played with him since his heart attack a few months ago, so I don't know whether his drives are still as long. But words have it that they are much shorter. But I bet he is still as sharp as ever.

Another one that seems to be getting nearer to being bestowed the title of "buaya" is Jeffrey Fok. Catch him on the wrong day, and you are dead meat. His official handicap at KLGCC is 22, which he claims is "doctored". Now, why would anyone want to "doctor" his handicap, unless he's got something to hide.