A Tribute to Two Retiring Golfers


The month of December 2000 will see the retirement of two senior golfers, not from golf (I hope) but from their jobs. The two are En Izlan Izhab, esq. and En Ku Rahman (or better known in the north of the border as Nattaporn, a supposedly descendant of the Thai royal family). It is hard to describe the two as golfers, except that they do try very hard on the golf course. Too hard sometimes, especially in the case of Izlan. As for Ku, it could have something to do with the fact that he is also trying his hand at farming up north. Maybe he is confusing his irons for the "changkuls".

You can always notice the two when they are on the golf course. Izlan, is indistinguishable, from his neat greying hairs and gentlemanly manner (a perfect golfer in terms of manners, you can never meet a man more gentlemanly than Izlan), and Ku for his extremely sexy short pants (in some places it is illegal to wear those shorts). And Ku's hair (MGR hairstyle) is never out of place. (I am sure he has a got a resident hairstylist at home working on his hair every morning) To those of you with hair problems, please consult Ku.

Having played golf with them over the years, I must say that golf has never been so much fun. With Izlan, you have to constantly assure him that his game is not disrupting your own game, as he seems to worry more about disrupting your golf than concentrating on his own game. Not that his game is bad (Izlan, there's always someone worse). He just seems to think it is. Maybe it is the work pressure getting to him. And talk about pressure, this is one man who absorbs so much pressure at work that you can see it dripping from his armpits. Over the years that I have known him, I have never heard him swore once until the last few years when expletives have become quite common.

As for Ku, just put him in the same flight with the Bosnian (Fahizul) and I can assure you that you will never be able to concentrate on your golf game. The Bosnian just love picking on Ku. And then there's the bet. They could both be 6 on, on a par 3, they will find something to bet on. If they are both 100 feet from the hole, they will be betting on who will put it in (as if they don't realise that even Tiger Wood will have an extremely tough time putting from that distance).

To both Izlan and Ku,

Thank you for the memories, as colleagues, friends and fellow golfers. Despite the fact that both of you will no longer be colleagues, I hope we will remain as friends and golfing buddies. You have enriched the lives of many golfers and I am sure you will continue doing so in your retirement days.

Good luck to both of you.