Buaya and Ayam News

6th May 2000

The KLSE Bi-Monthly medal was held on 6th May 2000 at the Serendah Golf Links. To most people playing in Serendah has always been a rather daunting experience, with its cow grass (Anyone know why they call it cow grass other than cows eat it. Here we are, supposedly an emerging country with hundreds of golf courses with their tidwarfs and bermudas, and then suddenly we have got cow grass. Can someone find a better name please!!!). Actually to those who is not used to playing on cow grass (gosh, these people are so pampered), it is actually easier to hit the ball, except in the rough of course. Other than cow grass, the other daunting thing about the course is the trees and to some people the length of the course. I somehow have always liked the course until the KLSE decided to have the bi-monthly medal there.

There I was early in morning ready to score. I was partnered with Zulkifli Harun, Megat Joha and Chee Yaw Soon. Thinking that most people are not going to do well there, I was very confidence of winning something. I forgot that this is golf and not hockey. I did manage a few pars (four I think), but any good golfer would tell you that it's not the pars that count but the final score.

I did not know what got over me, but I just could not get my game right. Every shot was a real torture. And being a so called "analytical golfer" (just like Ang Ting Kang, he he he), I tried changing everything, from my stance to my grip to my back swing. Of course nothing worked. I ended up with something like 29 stableford points. And being my usual self (when my game is bad) I disappeared before lunch (and I heard I wasn't the only one).


21st May 2000

Mayban Securities decided to hold their tournament after an absence of 2 years. I suppose that just shows that the broking community is back on its feet.

Not being on the original list of invitees, my boss had to make a few calls to get me in, but in the end my boss wasn't the only one making calls as there was like the whole of the KLSE there that morning.

The tournament was held at the Staffield Country Club in Mantin, Negeri Sembilan. Another course that I have always liked. The greens are large, the fairways wide (for my occasional wayward drive) and the scenery not too bad. But the drive there can be a pain after the Nilai toll.

I had three golfers from the Maybank Group in my flight. Quite a nice bunch of people, and fairly good golfers too. There I was at the first tee (we started at the 14th tee, as it was a 4 point shotgun start), getting ready to attack the course, and attack I did. After my excellent drive, I was left with only about 125 metres from the green. I took my approach wedge and lobbed it straight towards the flag. As I walk towards the green, I thought, my game is back. I had a 40 foot putt for birdie. Not only I missed the birdie, I missed it by a mile. And as expected, I missed the par (talk about confidence). And that was the story for the whole the day. I kept regulating, and I kept missing pars. Now I know what the "yip" is all about.

In the end, I ended up with 33 points, and third prize for ball sweep for my division. What a letdown!! When am I going to get that TV???