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I am now a businessman. I set up FNW Capital Partners in November 2016, and I now jointly own the company with Datoí Yusli Yusoff, the former CEO of Bursa Malaysia and my boss.

We are a collection of veteran professionals from the capital market with almost 200 years of experience, advising companies and individuals on business strategies, funding etc. Click on the logo on the left to visit the website.



After almost a year in the cloudy world of FOREX trading, I have decided to call it quits, as clearly there were just too many practices that I found unprofessional and very fishy. After a short break, on 1 July 2014, I took on a new job at ScopeTel Sdn Bhd, as its Chief Operating Officer. ScopeTel is a provider of VSAT services to the oil and gas industry. I left ScopeTel after nine months as I could not turn around the company.

Life at VADS in 2007

VADS can be a lively place when it wants to be. See some of the events of 2007. (Click for larger image)

VADS-DSCN0508-iconMy first public introduction to VADS staff

†††† VADS-DSCN0478-iconMy first signing ceremony at VADS, the acquisition of Meganet from TM and NTT.

†††† VADS-DSC01157-IconVADS Board of Directors Retreat 2007, Phuket, Thailand

†††† VADS Merdeka Race - VADS way of legally torturing the staff once a year (Click for larger image)


VADS-DSC06726-iconMy Team Ė Canít remember the name of the team though. Unfortunately, unlike Tiger Woods, wearing red did not bring any luck for us.



This is the only fun part. I just cannot turn away from rambutans and duku langsats. Lots of protein. Not that I ran and needed the energy.



VADS-DSC06768-iconThe customary final photo after everyone is fully stuffed with food, in typical Malaysian style. Go for a¬run and then have heavy food, and then wonder why you could not lose weight.


VADS CIO Summit 2007, Pattaya, Thailand

VADS-IMG_0411-iconI swear I wasnít singing, though everyone thought I was. I was welcoming the delegates at the welcome dinner.

VADS-IMG_0528-iconCruising the Chao Phraya River in Bangkok, with Azman (CIO of Perodua) and his cute wife, who was given a lesson by me on what will happen if women control their husbands too much - with the help of what looked like a drunk Japanese tourist.

VADS Signing Ceremony with Linksys Inc, USA

VADS-DSC_2545-iconI canít remember what I was bullshitting to these guys before the ceremony.

VADS-DSC_2627-iconI bet you guys are only interested in who the two cute girls behind are! Why do you think I am smiling?

VADS-DSC_2635-iconWhy is the ink not coming out???

VADS-DSC_2689-iconWith the Guest of Honour, Datuk Badlisham, the CEO of MDeC.

VADS-DSC_2697-iconWith the rest who worked tirelessly to win the deal. Me, just signed the agreement only!!

†††† VADS Corporate 2007 Annual Dinner - A Night at the Oscars

I know you guys are expecting the pictures of the starlets of the night, but unfortunately they refuse to give me the photos in case I hawk them on the net

VADS-DSC_4358-iconPresenting an award to Tamil Selvam, one of the engineers

VADS-DSC_4371-iconWith the engineering team

VADS-DSC_4376-iconPresenting an award to Firdauz, one of the stars of the network team. Who says networks are the domain of men?

VADS-DSC_4384-iconWith Firdauzís team

VADS-DSC_4392-iconWith the Unified Communications Team

VADS-DSC_4396-iconWith the Training Team which was flown in from the middle east or was it Bollywood?

VADS Corporate 2008 Annual Dinner - Fiction and Fantasy

Yea, baby!!!!

DSC_0013-iconWith Dumbledore and Zorro

DSC_0014-iconWith Morticia Adams

DSC_0020-iconWith the Man in Black, Pirate, Cowboy and Ladies!!!

DSC_0021-iconRobin Hood came out from the Sherwood Forest

DSC_0022-iconZorroís girlfriend was there too! Yummy!!

DSC_0028-iconBumblebee could not find her flowers?

DSC_1991-iconPresenting the long service awards

DSC_2925-iconAnd the next lucky number is?

VADS BPO 2008 Annual Dinner - Wild, Wild West

I have never seen so many cowgirls who are actually cowboys in between the legs. I am not going to show their photos because I know some of my friends get over excited by these women.

DSC01647-iconWith cowgirl Shahida and Pocahontas Irene and Pocahontas Yen

DSC01652-iconMore cowboys joining the scene

DSC01742-iconAs the VVIP of the night, had to do the customary speech

DSC01885-iconAt the VVIP table



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